Monday, November 18, 2013

Chaos on Ajah Road in Lagos as trailer kills school children

There's serious pandemonium on Ajah Road in Lagos as you read this. Area boys and passers-by are clashing with policemen after a trailer crushed about five students as they were crossing the road. The sad incident happened close to Ikota Primary School and the dead pupils are believed to be making their way to the school when they were killed.

Photo: Clash in Ikota over trailer having crushed 4 children
The people protesting are insisting they won't leave the area until Governor Fashola shows up. They are blaming the gruesome accident on the lack of a pedestrian bridge in the area. The two express lanes have been blocked by the angry protesters which has caused heavy traffic in the area. There's heavy police presence in the are.


It is not known for sure how many children have been killed, different resources provide different information: some claim 3 children lives, some - 4, and some even 5.

The driver abandoned his truck and escaped.

Will keep y'all updated.

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