Monday, March 10, 2014

I Like Rich Men Who Spend Money On Me,Money Turns Me On – Actress Lizzy Gold Onuwaje


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Lizzy Gold Onuwaje is Miss Detlta State 2006 turned actress.Here is what she told Vanguard about men and wealth “My former affair didn’t crash because I went into acting. The basic truth is, he doesn’t have money, so I decided to end the relationship. I dumped him in 2013 because he didn’t have much in terms of money and he didn’t have any push as my kind of man..

I like men that are caring. You have to be rich, caring, romantic and nice. Some men are rich but stingy. Be rich and be willing to spend the money. If I tell you I need anything, let me get the alert. I like alerts (Laughs). Alerts turn me on. Of course, if you don’t have money, don’t even bother to call my line, don’t even bother to admire my pictures (Laughs). I love money so much.

I can’t marry a poor man. Never!I need a rich man; I don’t want a man that is a bit okay.Money means a lot to me, in fact, money turns me on. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I’m turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get turned on immediately. If you are not rich; I can never be attracted to you. I like rich, clean, fresh guys.

When I say rich, I don’t mean ‘Yahoo’ kind of guys, because they are not hardworking. I want a guy who is consistent with his work and rich. Right now, I’m okay where I am, so I don’t think I’ll leave him for any other. “


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