Friday, March 6, 2015

Nigerian Woman Divorces Husband After 1week Because His Manhood is Too Big


A woman has filed for divorce after claiming she could not cope with the size of her husband’s huge penis.
Mother-of-three Aisha Dannupawa, from Nigeria’s Zamfara State, had been married to Ali Maizinari for just one-week when she asked a Sharia court for an annulment.

And she cited his massive member as the sole reason.
The housewife is reported to have told the court how she tied the knot with Ali following the breakdown of her first marriage.
But problems arose after she moved into his parents’ home.
According to Nigeria’s Tribune newspaper, she told a hearing: “When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare.
“Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big.”
After the hearing, Aisha told local media how after their first attempt at sex, she had taken medication given to her by her mother to help with the pain.
However, a second romp proved just as traumatic.
Aisha told reporters sex with Ali was simply “too much to bear”.
In court, Ali did not deny having a particularly sizeable penis, although he told the hearing would only dissolve the union if he was reimbursed for his dowry.


  1. You no see am before the marriage???? All these women forming holier than thou, even if u don't want to have sex before marriage, feel free to check out his naked body! That is part of courtship and knowing each other better. Divorce shouldn't be an option in marriage. If you court someone for a good stretch of time, u would know weda u both are good to go or not. Don't go into it bcos all ur friends are! Go into it bcos u are ready, in all ramifications. Even this abuse of a thing, if u date ur partner for long, no matter how he/she pretends, the main character must come out! So feel free not to rush into marriage. It is shameful to be tagged divorce.

  2. Morality is a virtue! if u dont have it, it doesnt mean everyone else shouldnt, both Bible and Qur'an abhors sex before marriage, if Aisha is moral enough to uphold that, kudos to her. divorce only negates marriage, but a dead -end marriage negates life itself!