Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10 Health Problems You Can Detect From Your Skin

Some fields of medicine have found that if we observe the different parts of our body, we can find signs of vitamin and mineral definiciencies, along with other health problems.

Surprisingly, the skin on your face has a lot to say about your state of health.

A branch of natural medicine, Ayurveda, bases its studies and treatments "in medicinal plants, massage, detoxification techniques and eating habits to establish and maintain the balance of body and mind." They say that if you look carefully at your face, you can find out for yourself what health problems you may be suffering from.

1. Horizontal wrinkles, mostly on side of eyes and forehead
The presence of these lines indicate situations that overwhelm or worry us. On the other hand. they may also result from excess sugars and liquid fats in our diet.

2. Vertical wrinkles, especially on right side of eyebrow
The presence of these lines indicates weakened liver function. This may be due to an intoxicated liver.

3. Vertical lines on left side of eyebrow
Vertical lines on the opposite side of the eyebrow indicates liver impairment; this indicates a weakening of the vessel.

4. Crease on top of nose
This wrinkle, which is very common, indicates a predisposition to allergies. It also may lead to the presence of disease in the gut and/or digestive tract.

5. Bags under eyes
Bags are a woman's worst nightmare. Their presence indicates fluid retention problems and/or kidney problems.

6. Inflated eyes
Swollen eyes may indicate that your diet is too high in fat and sugar.

7. Dark circles under eyes
Those dark circles we try to conceal under our eyes with makeup may indicate two things that contradict your good health: Lack of quality rest and a diet low in iron.

8. Yellow skin
This condition is known by the name of jaundice and indicates liver problems.

9. Reddish skin
It is important to know the difference between a reddish color you get after sunbathing or intense exercise and redness that is unhealthy.

The unhealthy coloring occurs when we do not get enough vitamin D. One source of vitamin D and the easiest one to access is the sun. People who do not spend time outdoors may end up with this deficiency.

Drinks such as coffee, alcohol and spicy foods can produce dehydration; this, coupled with the lack of vitamin D, results in the reddish discoloration of the skin on your face.

10. Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and lips
If you notice wrinkles at the corners of your mouth, you may be lacking vitamin B. Having chapped lips also means you are lacking a vitamin, vitamin C.

The key is to always try to eat a balanced diet. Eliminating your access to things harmful for your body is one way you can ensure you are only partaking in what is good for your health. But be sure not to go too far! Excessive exercise and a very strict diet can also hurt you in multiple areas. Staying active and spending a moment of your day enjoying the outdoors is vital for you and your health.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original

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