Monday, August 8, 2016

11 Types Of Text Messages That Show Your Husband How Much You Love Him

Everyone deserves to be told how much they are loved, but we never seem to say it enough in the daily grind.

It is easy to forget to compliment your spouse when you have a routine to stick to every day. But when you think about it, your husband truly does deserve constant reminders of how much he means to you, especially when life gets busy. When your husband is at work, saving the world or doing what he does best, send him a thoughtful and genuine text message.

You probably text your husband throughout the day, just to check up on him or to remind him to pick something up on his way home. Instead, shake up the conversation a little and just express how much he means to you, or send him a thought that will truly make him grin from ear to ear. He will absolutely love you for such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture.

Here are 11 text message ideas to send to your husband:

1. Tell him he is your best friend
Giving him an extra dose of adoration is one of the most wonderful things you can do for him.

2. Build anticipation
A text message such as this gets both of you absolutely elated and excited to see one another at the end of the day. This also tell him that you love to be around him.

3. Bring up inside jokes
Send your hubby a quick text about how happy he makes you every day. Share an inside joke or two. Couples that laugh together, stay together.

4. Tell him you miss him
Everyone loves to be missed, so don't hesitate to admit that you can't wait to see him when he comes home.

5. Tell him how happy you are with him
Send him a message that tells him how happy he makes you every day. Not only will you truly realize the joy he brings you, but he will feel loved and valued.

6. Compliment him
Women naturally receive more compliments than men. Men need to be complimented and acknowledged almost as much as women. It boosts their confidence, and it can strengthen your relationship.

7. Offer a helping hand
If you have some free time and he is busy, ask him if there is anything you can do to lighten his load. He will appreciate your kindness, and perhaps he will remember to do the dishes more often.

8. Let him know you're paying attention
Be sure to let him know that you noticed he was acting different. He will know that you are truly paying attention to his life and his happiness, and that can make anyone feel wonderful.

9. Motivate him
Even if you can't be there in person, you can always send him a text that lets him know you are aware of what he does every day. Wish him a good day at work and safe travels home. He will be grateful to have a companion like you.

10. Make plans
Making plans with your husband after a long day of work assures him that you can't wait to spend quality time with him. He will appreciate your effort and time in planning a nice evening together, even if it isn't too extravagant.

11. Say a simple "I love you."
"I love you" is such a small sentence, but it radiates such great power, compassion and truth. You can never tell someone you love them too much. Doing so will never fail to strengthen your bond and your marriage.

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