Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 Types of Friends Every Girl Must Have

When it comes to picking friends, it's easy to attract girlfriends who are a lot like you. But a well-balanced group of girls is more likely what you need. Each gal pal type is different yet serves a major purpose.

Here are 5 types of friends, and why it's best to have them all:

1. Ms. Tell-it-like-it-is
This lady can be a handful. She's a firecracker, whip-smart and unapologetically honest. She tells you the truth even when it's hard to hear. But that's what you love about her. She never pulls punches and steps in to defend others when she sees them being mistreated. However, this friendship can feel strained sometimes because she won't always have your back if she actually believes you're wrong. But if she stands firmly on your side, you won't have a better supporter in your corner.

2. Ms. Ride-or-die
This woman, unlike Ms. Tell-it-like-it-is, is always on your side and there for you - even when you're wrong! She has your back and stands up for you like no one else. And she never lets little spats come between you or ruin your friendship. She's committed to your friendship and does everything she can to mend fences if there's tension.

3. Ms. One-call-away
Here is a woman who shows up in a crisis. Even if she can't be in your life or close by all of the time, she does her best to check on you to make sure you're okay. She can be described as a rock and comes when called, no questions asked. Even if you haven't seen her in years her feelings for your friendship never fade. And anytime you get together it's like you never left.

4. Ms. Sweet-and-simple
This woman is nice, quiet and polite. She's the perfect partner for nights in, simple dinners and day trips. She is a great listener and a soft shoulder. Definitely the "Charlotte" of the group, she provides a safe and comfortable environment to sit back, relax and express your feelings to. She is a bit of a hopeless romantic and always roots for love. She'll help you calm down and think about all of the good things in life when you're down in the dumps.

5. Ms. Good-times
This lady is a firecracker. She's loud, outspoken and fun. You can always have a good time with her. And best of all, if you're single Ms. Good-times makes a great wing woman. Of course, the "Samantha" everyone needs, she can make any outing exciting. She can make you laugh no matter how much you're hurting and is a great asset on any day.

Having several different types of friends supporting you helps keep you balanced and more aware. A healthy dose of reality and a soft shoulder are just two of the things you need in a great group of girls. So keep all of these types in mind, and open yourself to some of the friends you've yet to make.

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