Saturday, August 27, 2016

Charly Boy: My Igbotic Qualities

I have lived in this country almost all my life. From the people I have met both good and bad, I have drawn inspirations from it all.

I am happiest that I have learnt something from everyone who has passed through my life. While some lessons have been painful, some have been painless, but all have been priceless.

Believe me, I love Nigeria, I see that what unites us is way more than what divides us; Except of course, for some riff-raffs called leaders. Na God go punish them for us.

Yes, I am a proud Nigerian even though I will never let some of the Nigerian ways live in me. From my Yoruba brothers, I have learnt the huge importance of Socials, being such a hopeless introvert (even till now) but thank God that I have never stopped chasing knowledge and education of self, at all times. Some people would even swear that am a Yoruba boy (lol). I still remember that for a long period of time, 80% of my staff was from the West.

From all my northern friends and associates, I have learnt the art of contentment and simplicity: one of the very fine values my late father pushed down my throat as a growing kid in Port Harcourt (it never left me). Now I can hang in any kinda weather and forever still be grateful to God for bringing me this far because I am really not supposed to still be alive. God has indeed been faithful. All glory to His Holy Name.

From all my Ijaw brothers and sisters I have learnt to share every resource I have even when it’s not convenient. How do I see a fellow brother who does not have a meal and I fail to share the little I have? It is the greed of some people that is putting our country in this chaotic state. My mother reinforced in me the quality of sharing, thank God she’s still alive to witness that her lessons were not lost on me.

And then from my Igbo brothers, they may have short-circuited their political growth, but it doesn’t take away the fact that they are great Nigerians.  I have learnt to be more Igbotic than I ever expected. I have started learning to be more profitable in the things that I do. I know that as a creative person I have never really been business savvy like that but am learning. From my Igbo brothers I have perfected the art of being tenacious in any dream I chase; to be industrious, consistent and powerfully focused.  All the lessons I learnt from my Igbo brothers have made me dogged, hard-working and exhibiting the ability and capacity to survive in any kinda weather.

Yes, I’m a true Nigerian, infected and affected by my other brothers and sisters in The Nigerian Village.

These lessons have shaped me into what and who I am today.

I guess this is the igboticness of my being as Mr. Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa…

The Odudubariba 1 of Africa.

To be igbotic by the way does not necessarily mean you are igbo, that you’re timid or a Jew man (nerd) it is just my way of describing people with the above-mentioned qualities and values. So the next time you spot any of these in anyone, feel free to appreciate and commend their #igbotic selves.

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