Thursday, August 11, 2016

Choc City President Audu Maikori Shares His Opinion On The Current Nigerian Economy

Audu Maikori is a lawyer, entrepreneur, social activist, public speaker, founder and President of the Chocolate City Entertainment Group. Read the rest of what he wrote after the cut...

Our next leaders cannot have jumped ship back and forth political parties and yet Be effective as our true representatives - as they will Keep shifting positions about key issues as they had also disloyally changed political parties at a whim. "Action speaks louder than campaign promises"

Our next leaders cannot be qualified for an appointment because they are relatives , friends or former SA's to the person in power- because 9 times out of 10 they never achieve anything as they are only yes men to the incumbents that brought them there.

Our next leaders must prove that they walk the walk and we must scrutinize them thoroughly, because of our failure to do this in the past led us through an unnecessary wilderness journey. This includes senators, Governors, etc A country that was hailed as the fastest economy less than 2 years ago is in deep recession which will last at least another 5 years according to some renowned economists and still there seems to be no clear economic direction.

Nigerians are suffering, the government lacks vision and the international community has totally lost confidence in our country and that is why the Naira will continue to slide down to even N500 :$1 if we are not careful because ultimately the exchange rate of a country is affected by the confidence the market has in the economic leadership and direction of a country.

For example , after Brexit The British pound lost significant value for the first time in decades - why? Because there was a loss in confidence about the future of The UK and it's leadership post Brexit. I wish I had been wrong about PMB and I still maintain that as a man he is a great figure and has values that I personally admire....but we should learn the critical lessons from the past that sometimes good intentions ( like GEJ, PMB) are simply not enough.

The bright lights in this administration in my opinion are Gov. Ambode, Obaino and Nasir El-Rufai and that is because they seem to have a clear vision for their constituents and even though some have made so very myopic political moves they are on course. So as we watch out for 2019 we must do the right thing and scrutinize our aspiring leaders at all levels to ensure ( as far as is possible) they have the capacity, the temperament and the vision to lead our people to the promised land. Starting from the local government areas to the office of the President because they hold the key to the success or failure of a people..that's why they are so special and we must be careful in the measures and processes by which we decide to decide.

Finally , it's not enough to to regret or gloat about PMB as both serve no purpose-we need to play our part to help the President (and yes like it or not he is our President) to lead better and do our part to help fix Nigeria ... It's only the foolish and the wicked that will be happy at another mans failure which conversely and directly is our collective failure. Arise oh compatriots Nigeria's ( not PMB, Not GEJ,Not APC, NoT PDP) call ,obey.........🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

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