Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Justin Bieber Keeps his Threat to Delete his Instagram Account

The pop star seems tired of negative comments from followers particularly as it regards his new flame, Sofia Ritchie.

He earlier threatened to make his account private and now he has gone one step further and deleted it.

He initially made the account private and fans voiced their displeasure, Justin then seemed to have a change of mind and made the account public again.

Fans were however in for a shock when the heartthrob deleted the account not too long after.

Following his threat to make the account private, his ex, Selena Gomez told him to keep his private life private if he didn't want the drama, things quickly escalated from there. He accused her of using him for attention and she in turn accused him of cheating.

Justin seemed unperturbed by the row, looking happy and relaxed as he took part in an ice hockey match in the San Fernando Valley in California on Monday night.

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