Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Check Out the Reason Taylor Swift and her New Boyfriend Ended Their Relationship

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, a close friend of Taylor Swift’s best friend Karlie Kloss has revealed the reasons behind singer Taylor Swift's and Tom Hiddlestone's break up.

According to Philip, the much talked about breakup last week didn't come as a surprise to those that know Taylor as the couple couldn't be themselves due to the public nature of their relationship and that the relationship was a good one for Tom, 35, more than for Taylor, 26, as she was the bigger star.

“There was too much pressure, including from Taylor’s fans who didn’t take to it,” Phillip told Now magazine. “It wasn’t a normal relationship. Tom’s a guy on the up and it was a good look for him, and the people around him were happy for it to happen, but there was no doubt about it, he was in the Taylor show. “She’s always been the much bigger star and it was very much about her.” “For a while it looked good for both of them, but then it went the opposite way and they both ended up getting a lot of flak.” “There was talk that the relationship wouldn’t last because of how it was being handled and I definitely saw the split coming. “It wasn’t a surprise to those in the know. Ultimately their relationship couldn’t be ‘normal’.”

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