Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Signs That Show You Settled For Less In Your Relationship

If you have been in relationships that took the whole of you and still ended badly, you might be left thinking you probably never deserved a good, happy relationship.

Whatever you must have been told, or whatever you have been made to go through in the past still does not change the fact that you deserve happiness and those your [reasonable] standards remain valid.

So if you've ever been told otherwise, it might have affected your judgement and made you settle for less than you deserve in your present relationship.

Here are some of the ways to detect that:

You do not have a lot in common
Here is one sure way to know that you are with the wrong person, someone who surely should not have you.
What is ideal, and what you deserve is a man or woman with whom you have lots of stuff in common.
When you are with one whose outlook on almost everything differs from yours, that’s not right.

Forced emotions
Love comes naturally, doing ‘love things’ flows easily.
If you ever have to force yourself to do everything in that relationship, it could be a pointer to the fact that you are in the wrong relationship – that you settled for less than what you really should be getting.

Easily gets on your nerves
One of the traits you find in relationships is lovers getting on each other’s nerves, settling it and moving past it, and understanding each other more with each moment shared.
If, however you get ticked off at the smallest things that your lover does, and they seem to bring out only the worst in you, you should know that is less than you deserve.
Everyone deserves that one person who brings out the best in them.

There is no passion between you both
Sound baffling right? As bad as it sounds, it happens.
People enter into relationships with men/women with whom there is obviously no flame, no physical attraction whatsoever.
If you are in a relationship while reading this, or you intend to get into one at some point, you should know that you are meant to be with someone who sets your heart racing, who sets your body on fire with each touch… someone you desire in a physical sense.
If you are with someone who doesn’t meet up to this standard, you might have settled for less than you deserve.

You can’t wait for it to end
Another thing that points to the fact that you are in a relationship that’s less than what you deserve is if  you  find yourself desiring the end of that relationship.
If the love is up to standard and feels totally right, you would never want it to end, right?

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