Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Things You Will Never Take for Granted After Working for a Horrible Boss

We have all had a fair share of having horrible bosses. Always yacking, and nagging and screaming and looking for ways to make you feel incompetent even when you know what you are doing, for ways to deduct your salary at the end of the month.

While some of you are still in the hands of such people, the others who have escaped them will agree that they will not take any of the following for grated:

Real lunch breaks
Did you have to eat at your desk or given 15 minutes to go grab lunch, then? Mehnnn, no space… no breathing space. You couldn’t risk taking more than the 15 minutes or else, you would be ducked for it.

Permission to make appointments during the day
Do you have personal matters you need to take care of? Urgent or not urgent? Under such bosses, you couldn’t schedule a doctor’s appointment or take care of any personal matter during the day because it was business hours. Now you don’t have to overdo it. Some bosses understand that things happen unexpectedly sometimes, so be grateful for being able to take care of personal matters during the week as it is.

Happy co-workers
When you work for a good boss, everywhere is bright and bursting with positive energy- workers eager to work. A bad boss affects the whole team. Everyone would be scared, tense, unhappy and discontent. Did you notice that when you were/ are at your workplace, you guys were always complaining amongst yourself, or if not all, some of you? This eventually rubbed off on all of you at work, as you all got tired.

Work-life balance
You sure will relate with this. Having to work odd hours or constantly checking your phone for missed calls, text messages or emails. Sleeping at night, and talking about work and all or waking up in the middle of the night groping for your phone to check so you don’t have issues with your boss in the morning. There is no difference between your work time and your off-time. The fear of being shouted out or bothered or having money deducted out of the salary that wasn’t enough in the first place.

Trust issues
If you have worked in a place where your actions and decisions were always questioned. Then you will understand this. You got to work at 9:45am not because you woke up late (you woke up 5am and left home 6:15am) but because there was a terrible accident in front you with no way to leave the scene and your boss was all over the place, ducking you down for lateness and deducting 1000 naira. He/she refuses to listen to you. You are afraid and sad at the same time. You aren’t feeling fine and you can’t tell your boss because he would think you lazy and would rather you stay at your desk and put in all the hours and even exceed it, or till you drop unconscious. No matter what you say, your boss will not believe you. If you escaped the above, you will agree that if your next place of work is better you will be eternally grateful for no longer having to face all that.

Source: OSG

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