Saturday, November 12, 2016

9 Scary Signs That You May Be Missing Out On Life

Here are nine signs you are missing out on the great things life has to offer, and how you can begin to start really living.

1. You are bored
Boredom is definitely a big sign you might need to shake things up a bit. From either being stuck in the same old routine, or just not letting yourself get out of your comfort zone, boredom can help you realize there is probably more you could be doing with your life.
Even something as simple as doing one thing new every day, even a small thing, could help get you out of the rut you’re in.

2. You are unhappy
Just as with boredom, being unhappy means something is probably missing from your life. From the outside, you may look as if you have all you need to be the happiest person on earth. You have a good job and good friends and live in a great place. But for some reason, all these things can’t seem to make you completely happy.

This means you should take a step back and take the time to identify the areas of your life you could be living more fully in. Maybe it means a new career. Maybe it means it’s time to get up and move somewhere new. When you do something new you may find that happiness you’ve been looking for.

3. You are passionless
What does it mean to be passionless? It means that with almost everything you do, you are on autopilot. There is no real motivation behind your work; you are just doing it to do it. Life is about pinpointing what you are passionate about, whether it’s traveling to new places, giving back to the community or getting more education.

4. You only do things you are comfortable with
You have lived in the same place your entire life, with the same friends and the same pastimes. Sounds boring, right? Well, that’s probably because it is. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to live life to the fullest.

5. You are always afraid
Fear is behind many of the reasons people do not have the lives they really want. They get scared that if they even try, they will fail. But in reality, failure is not something to be afraid of; it is something to embrace.

6. You find yourself alone most of the time
Do you find that most of the time, you are pretty lonely? Even if you are surrounded by friends, do you feel alone? This probably means you need to get out of your head and allow yourself to connect. Be the one to make plans. Throw a random party. Go out to lunch with that friend you’ve been meaning to call.

7. You take things a little too seriously
It’s great to be motivated to work all the time, but all work and no play can make anyone go a little crazy. Balance in everything is essential, especially when it comes to living a fulfilling life. Money can’t buy you everything, and it may be time to remember that.

Take some time off. Splurge on a fun vacation with your friends. You will find when you take the time to actually live, even work seems better.

8. You are pretty negative
Does the glass always seem half-empty to you? Negativity could be a big reason you are not living life to the fullest, and it’s an attitude that needs to be changed.

Try to look on the bright side of things, and if it seems you just can’t, change your circumstances to allow it to happen. Look at what people who seem to be more optimistic are doing with their lives and copy some of their behaviors.

9. You are reading this article
If you are here reading this article, it probably means you know you are not living your best life, but that you want to change. So take the advice that’s been given here, and go and live!

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