Saturday, November 12, 2016

DJ Neptunes Blasts Arik Air Online

Arik Air has struck again and this time it's DJ Neptune and some stranded passengers who are suffering from it.

According to him, his flight was delayed for three hours with no reasonable explanation and lost his DJ equipment.

The angry celebrity DJ says their representatives in Enugu don't even know if his bag will come today or tomorrow.

Read his full post below:

"Dear @flyarikair @arikair. It is not a must to do business, if you can't act right kindly pack up and stop frustrating passengers. See how passengers going to Benin almost stopped us from boarding today out of frustration, not knowing my own was on the way waiting.

You scheduled a flight to leave Lagos for Enugu by 8:30am today 11:11:16 flight No W3610, you delayed ur passengers for 3hours with no reasonabled explanation (Frustration No1) and as if that wasn't enough you flew 5% of our bags to Enugu and took the remaining 95% to Abuja.

Don't you see how HEARTLESS you guys are? (Frustration No2). I only few in to Enugu because I have an event to handle which starts by 3pm and now am here and my DJ Equipment is no where to be found after making me identifying my flight case before boarding your aircraft.

Your rep in Enugu don't even know if my bag will come today or tomorrow so why on earth did you not announce this before take off? When will #ARIKAIR stop taking people for granted? Is it a crime to buy your airline ticket? Now what do I tell my client? and am suppose to be traveling to Owerri tomorrow morning for another event. It's high time you guys STOP taking us for a ride.

You have successfully use your reggae to spoil my blues today and trust me you will PAY for this.. You left alot of us stranded and frustrated from people attending weddings to some traveling to far places. 

I pity the lady who's wedding is tomorrow and her wedding dress is no where to be found courtesy #ARIKAIR  Bravo to you guys."

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