Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kris Jenner's baby sister gets a face lift to look like her older sister

Kris Jenner‘s younger sister Karen recently underwent a 5 hour procedure to look like her famous older sister.

U.S. entertainment show Inside Edition was there to cover it live! They report –

Inside Edition was there throughout Karen Houghton’s surgery and witnessed the incredible results. Before the surgery, the 55-year-old, who is the aunt of Kim Kardashian and her notorious sisters and brother, explained why she wanted to go under the knife.

She didn’t like her double chin. But after the surgery she said with a smile,

“I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would,” she said.

Watch the video below!

Here’s a look at the sisters when they were younger –

Look at them now (after the facelift)

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