Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wayne Rooney almost too drunk to stand as he’s pictured with two women

Photo Credit: The Sun

With bloodshot eyes and red wine-stained lips, Wayne Rooney slumps on a sofa and is draped by two women.

The England captain was snapped after gatecrashing a wedding party in a posh hotel — and he was almost too drunk to stand.

Both women — one of whom wore Rooney’s Three Lions jumper — were believed to be wedding guests.

The Sun yesterday revealed Wayne’s booze bender, which saw him staggering around in the small hours of Sunday and barely able to keep his eyes open.

News of the 31-year-old Manchester United star’s binge comes as his football career stands at a crossroads.

He missed last night’s England friendly against Spain with a minor knee injury and has fallen out of favour with United’s boss Jose Mourinho.

Both China and America have made overtures.

But it’s a far cry from his Old Trafford debut 12 years ago when he smashed in a hat-trick against Fenerbahce.

Guests at the five-star Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire told how Rooney was “paralytic” after partying until 5am.

He had been necking red wine after joining the party at midnight and could barely talk by the end.

Shocked revellers and staff took a series of snaps with the England ace and drinking pal, Everton’s Phil Jagielka, 34.

A wedding source said: “Wayne went into the wedding with Jagielka and got absolutely plastered.

“He couldn’t string a sentence together and was falling over like the ‘comedy drunk’ – no-one could believe this was the England captain.

“He was out of his head sinking glass after glass of red wine.

“The pictures were taken in the early hours and everyone carried on drinking after that.”

Workers at the hotel, which regularly hosts the England team, also told of their shock.

One staffer said: “He was causing a commotion so word got around quickly.

“He was stumbling around a lot and could hardly speak.

“It’s a difficult situation for staff because the England players are here a lot, so we don’t want to upset them.”

An alarming run of mediocre form has led to speculation that Wayne could soon be hanging up his boots for England and quitting the Premier League.

Football sources with close links to Manchester United have told The Sun how they fear for the star once his footballing days are over.

One agent said: “Wayne’s always liked a drink. That’s the culture and type of Irish-origin family he comes from.

Source: The Sun

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