Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PHOTO: Gay Man Intentionally Infects 240 People With HIV

“I met Stephawn when I was 19 years old,” explains Joshua Johnson on his blog.


He continues:

“At 19, I was still trying to figure out my sèxual orientation. I was still a virgin, because I was raised with traditional values. I was attracted to females, but I was also attracted to men. In fact, my attraction to men was stronger. I desperately tried to fight my attraction to the same sèx, because I knew if I gave in that would mean a lifetime as an outcast in my family.

Johnson goes on to explain in great detail how he fell victim to a sexually promiscuous fugitive who is wanted for allegedly infecting at least 240 people with the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

Ladies, as you read Joshua’s story, keep in mind that black women are the fastest growing HIV demographic in the U.S. due to bisexual men who in relationships with women because they are confused about their sexuality.

Gay and bisexual men, regardless of race, are more sexually promiscuous than their heterosexual counterparts, according to Seekingarrangement.com.

Authorities in New York City are offering up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of 31-year-old Isaac Don Burks, aka Stephawn Burks, Stefan Levine, Isaac Levine, Stefan Burks, and Walter Brooks.

Burks is described as an African-American male, medium brown skin, six feet two inches tall, weighing 185 pounds.

According to New York City Health Department spokesperson Kate Caraway, this is the first time a HIV infected individual has spread HIV to so many victims.

“We want to make sure that anyone who may have injected drugs with, who may have had sex with him, does come forward and get tested,” she Caraway. “We want to make sure that they’re not spreading the virus to anyone else.”

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