Monday, June 18, 2018

TCN Announces Nationwide Load-shedding Following Rupture Of NGC Gas Line

Do not fear if the power supply has dropped substantially in your area of residence or business, you are on the receiving end of a necessary load shedding exercise initiated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). 

The custodian of power supply around the nation, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has stated as there will be load-shedding exercise nationwide to maintain the stability of the country's power grid. 

The load-shedding was caused by the gas line rupture of June 15th and technical issues at Shell's gas wells on June 16th, which resulted in the sharp drop of 1,087.6MW from the national gird. Fortunately, no collapse of the power grid was recorded.

The six power stations which are unable to generate power as a result of the gas line rupture on June 15th are Ihovbor, Azura, Omotosho gas, Geregu gas, Olorunsogo gas, Sapele and Egbin Power Station. Afam VI power station was the one shut down to enable Shell to resolve its gas well issues. 

These latest two-pronged issues bedeviling the power sector necessitated the adoption of load-shedding by the TCN because the 1,087.6MW decline to the national grid has made the transmission system fragile. 

The only option open to avert a total nationwide power system collapse is the undesirable load-shedding, this will ensure that what is available is allocated and spread across to create balance and prevent grid instability.

Why embark on nationwide load-shedding if the national grid didn't shut down? It's on record that the nation's power grid is weak and obsolete, an overload could easily trigger a national collapse. 

A record of past system collapses reveals, 22 system collapses in 2013 with some lasting for 24 hours. 

The incessant collapse led then former Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo to set up a panel to investigate the causes of such collapses. 

The recommendations following the investigation revealed the system collapses were reduced to nine in 2014 and just six in 2015.

The building of a parallel ‘National Grid Backbone’ was recommended in 2014, and also that the 'Baseline of Daily Load' allocation to DISCOs should not be more than 3,500mw until the infrastructure was strengthened. 

The solution to the national grid problem may not be far away from the recommendation until today. 

Where the Tunde Fashola led Ministry of Power should be commended is in the area of post-privatization support to Nigeria's various GENCOs and DISCOs, stakeholders in the sector would have shut off supply long ago with the incessant issues dogging the nation's power industry.

What is expected of Nigerians by the TCN and Ministry of Power right now is understanding. 

The national grid engineers are working hard to maintain the stability of the grid, pending the completion of repairs of the ruptured gas pipelines by the Nigeria Gas Company and the restoration of full gas supply to the power stations affected.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to run your business on a budget

 I recently started my own consulting business and it's been really good. You know how nice it is to have everyone calling you a business strategist, sales expert etc, getting invitations to speaking gigs, my face splashed all over posters and banners and even on TV.  I leveraged all social media and I could work from home. 

My clients, small business owners like me didn't seem to mind Skype meetings  and Whatsapp calls. Neither did I, it felt so good to be able to run my business without any traditional structures in place.

Until recently.

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 12 Investiture: A Renewed Hope Under President Buhari

President Buhari

If there is a takeaway from the euphoria of celebrations that accompanied the June 12 investiture of honours on the presumed winner of the annulled 1993 presidential elections, Chief MKO Abiola, it is the fact that there is renewed hope in the positive destination of Nigeria. 

For nearly a quarter of a century after the Ibrahim Babangida led junta annulled the June 12 elections, a majority of the Nigerian electorate lost faith in the country's leadership. Leader after leader, from the interim arrangement led by Ernest Shonekan to President Goodluck Jonathan, the masses longed for a leader they could believe in but sadly couldn’t find one.

While the right words come during presidential campaigns, the hope placed on the leader usually fizzled out when the president assumes the mantle fully, with accusations of cronyism and nepotism renting the air. Without a leader to carry their hopes, Nigerians, masses and elite alike, would after each election cycle return to their various domains, embittered and full of regrets for another four years. 

The belief the country could one day become great again goes to the cooler for another 4 years. All that changed on June 12, 2018, when President Buhari gave out the special national honours to heal the wounds in the land, largely brought about by the injustice that followed the June 12 agitation.

President Buhari's graceful gesture not only rekindled the hope of a new Nigeria to Chief MKO Abiola’s family but to every Nigerian across the length and breadth of the country. 

President Buhari showed tact, diplomacy, maturity, forgiveness and most important of all, the political will to do the right thing without fear. Such was the renewal of hope that Co-founder of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University Agbarha-Otor, Delta State, Dr. Cecilia Ibru, called on President Buhari to proceed with the restructuring of Nigeria at an event at the Petroleum Training Institute, Delta State.

Mrs. Ibru said the restructuring of the country is very paramount, much more than any other gesture to bring Nigeria back together again. That belief that Nigeria was long overdue and is no restriction to Mrs Ibru, many Nigerians believe restructuring was the only way of seeking redress on touchy issues such as reconciliation across ethnic lines, devolution of powers, resource control and other problems threatening to rip the nation apart. Is Mrs. Ibru's faith in President Buhari's misplaced? Not at all.

President Buhari has supervised the initiation of new reforms like the signing of the “Not Too Young To Run” bill in law being one of them. He isn't leaving anybody out in this nation-building exercise. 

The address of the June 12 agitation represented a chance to further prove President Buhari has the sense of fairness and political will to pull the chestnut out of the fire raging against the nation's unity and growth. 

Despite getting caught up in the worst recession in recent Nigerian history, President Buhari did not get distracted nor exasperated by the daunting task ahead of him. 

Undeterred by constant criticism, the president alongside his strategic team rolled their sleeves and dug their heels in till calm descended on the economic situation.

Are there still so many challenges buffeting the nation? Yes, a myriad. Has President Buhari reached the end of his capabilities? No. Not even the protracted illness of 2017 could put him out of action. He is poised to restore Nigeria to where she belongs in the comity of nations, what he needs is a renewed faith in the country's potential from all her peoples, old and young, North and South, East and West, in the urgent business of rebuilding the nation. 

Can President Buhari midwife a new Nigeria? Yes he can. But he can't do it without renewed hope and strength from her people. 

June 12 is the foundation block to reach out to greatness, hope Nigerians will not let ethnic or religious bias prevent us from making the most of the opportunity.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Buhari: The Real Messiah?

President Muhammadu Buhari

In the books of many Nigerians, Buhari has scored good points in the last few months. Honoring the late MKO Abiola, to the signing of the not too young to run bill, his visit to Morroco and Tanzania are all part of the points.

Beyond hearsay, these milestone achievements have been classified as a strategy to win his election in the coming year. 

However, placing reason against sentiments, he could have chosen another route to this which would be to buy the minds and heads of the average Nigerians and skim his way through. But as an Honorable man, he chose the road less traveled.

Goodluck Jonathan towards his re-election period was barely guided on the steps to take. 

Buhari has taken calculated steps that would benefit Nigerians whether he wins or not. 

The not too young to run bill would be significant even to generations yet unborn and this is naturally a bill he does not stand to benefit from.

Spiritually speaking, it is often believed that gratitude brings more. Nigeria is a country of over 190 million people with several foundational issues to tackle but taking active steps in the right direction should be applauded.

As a propagator of enhancing bilateral and multilateral relations, Buhari has tightened his seat belt in preparation for this long ride. He has visited France, United Kingdom, India and other African countries, to discuss several developmental projects, economic strategies and solidify bonds for collective security.

A man who is sensitive and attentive enough to have listened to the internal rage of many to relive their 1993 votes for MKO, he also granted the family a presidential apology and honorary posthumous award. Never has such a feat been carried out in the past 25 years by any administration.

In all honesty, President Buhari’s accomplishments are under-communicated in the media. This could be a major ploy by the opposition to frustrate the efforts of an upright man. Imagine a laudable triumph such as the release of the 200 chibok girls who were withheld for about 2years to be regarded as unpopular. 

This is a clear indicator, that the opposition is threatened by his exploits.

In Buhari’s words, he said “When I was told that the CBN had no savings after the windfall of selling oil for more than $100 per barrel for many years, and the production was 2.1 billion barrel per day, I did not believe them. 

This was the reason for the seeming delay Nigeria experienced when Buhari initially took over, fighting corrupt practices that exposed CBN empty pockets and enormous loans. 

Nigerians are generally unaware of the fact that the recession experienced in the first ten months of his administration was caused by over-reliance on crude oil, the neglect of agricultural sector and poor economic plans he inherited from Goodluck’s administration.

Truth be told, the problem of the average Nigerian is the fact that they do not do adequate research in order to validate any administrations claim. If anyone does, it would be revealed the real messiah of Nigeria.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Married Woman Jumps 3rd Mainland Bridge Over Allegations of Adultery

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. 

Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

The internet has been agog with the news of a married woman who jumped into the lagoon. 

Various speculations have emerged as the cause of this. But one thing is certain, jumping into a lagoon was her last resort to avoid the impending shame.

Now According to reports and sources close to her family, the woman is a Texas-based Businesswoman, and her Husband is a former Access Bank staff. But trouble started after she got involved with another guy, who swindled her of 10million naira.

The lady later got him arrested, only for him to release the nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual and that he’s not a fraudster as claimed by the deceased.
Husband of the deceased, Tunde, immediately headed for a DNA test for his three children. Only to find out that none of the children belong to him.  
There were, however, conflicting accounts as to how the main episode happened. A version of the account said that the woman was a passenger in an UBER car, driving inward Lagos Island when she told the driver to stop and crossed over. Others have said she drove a Ford Explorer and parked on the 3rd mainland bridge at about 8.45pm.

Her dirty deal went bad, some people do worse and never got caught. The media implication is that everyone seems to be talking about depression and the hazard. People need to seek expert advice when necessary and talk to the people around them.
LASEMA General Manager, Adesina Tiamiyu in a statement today said, “The attention of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has been drawn to a video clip on social media in respect of a woman who supposedly packed an SUV Ford Explorer and jumped into the Lagoon at the 3rd Mainland Bridge on Sunday 10th July, 2018 and have dismissed the case as the woman suspected to have committed suicide claims nothing like that happened. 
In a phone conversation, she claimed she and her husband only stopped to offer help as good Samaritans and has no reason to consider suicide.

However, the agency is investigating her claims and rescue is still ongoing in the waterways to ascertain the veracity of the incident.

Ibe Kachiukwu: Buhari Has Been Prudent with The Nation's Resources

Ibe Kachiukwu

The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, has stated that President Buhari has been prudent in managing the nation’s resources so far since he came into office.
The Minister also said that the Federal Government is committed to ensuring that Nigerians enjoy much better opportunities in the oil and gas industry.
Kachiukwu made these statements at the inauguration of laboratories built by Laser Engineering Nigeria in Rumudara in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers state.
According to him, the Federal Government is prepared to partner with Nigerians who intend to make landmark achievements in the oil and gas industry.
The Minister added that the federal government would provide all the necessary supports to ensure that Nigerians are major partakers in the industry.
“The Government is prudent in the way they have been managing our resources. Personally, whatever is available when I am traveling, even if it is economy class, I will take my seat,” he said.
He spoke on the importance of research, and added, “New dimensions of products are produced through research; this is what makes the oil and gas industry work well.
“I have made a commitment to seeing that a larger part of the opportunities in the Nigerian oil and gas sector are enjoyed and indeed managed by Nigerians.”
Kachiukwu pointed out that many Nigerian entrepreneurs making waves in engineering, drilling, and other areas would be showcased when the ‘Project 100’ would be launched by the President.
Earlier on, the Managing Consultant of Laser Engineering, Prof. Mike Onyekonwu, described the establishment of the laboratories as a modest contribution to the efforts of the federal government in its bid to set up research institutes.
The managing Consultant explained that research still remains the backbone of sustained growth in any industry and one of the ways we can build capacity.
According to Onyekonwu, no university can procure the research equipment that we need for our research due to poor funding. As a result of this, there must be private intervention in research and Laser Engineering has taken the challenge and invested.
“Research and development appear to be the weakest link in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. With an absence of research, knowledge is limited and whatever is not properly understood will be improperly managed.”

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nigeria On The March Again - What Buhari Got Right With New Democracy Day

President Buhari

Even though President Buhari didn't declare a public holiday, the buzz created by the official recognition of June 12 as new Democracy Day in Nigeria can be felt across the whole length and breadth of Nigeria. The feeling is understandable, Nigerians had been yearning for a quarter of a century, to have someone address and right the wrongs committed in the annulment of what was (and still is perceived as the fairest and freest election in Nigerian political history.

The democratic experiment of June 12, 1993, had the whole of Nigeria in a political frenzy. There was so much faith in Option A4, the voting method adopted by the electoral commission which ensured voters witnessed the counting and announcement of the winner of each polling unit. It's only natural the abrupt annulment of the elections sent shockwaves and angst through an astounded nation. Political scientists and observers believed the annulment of the June 12 elections was a great injustice to Nigerian sensibilities, many took to the streets and forced/shamed General Ibrahim Babangida out of office.

From then on, Nigerians rejected every military government foisted upon the people till the general elections that produced Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as the president of the 1999 elections. 

The cost of actualizing the June 12 mandate was huge on Nigerians; too much blood was spilt, many were herded into General Sani Abacha's gulag in an effort to shut the agitation out of people's minds. June 12 was more than Chief MKO Abiola's ambition, it was the aspiration of Nigerians to dump the military for good.

Dreams of Chief Obasanjo righting the wrongs of the military's annulment of June 12 fell disappointingly short. He had a chance to write his name in gold in Nigeria's political history but Chief Obasanjo he played the proverbial ostrich and buried his head in the sand. President Umaru Yaradua didn't do better, June 12 was a forbidden topic in his short stay in office. 

President Goodluck Jonathan's attempt was not rebuffed by the people, the University of Lagos was too little to measure up beside the lives lost in the June 12 cause. History passed the baton of healing Nigeria to President Buhari and he took it with courage and grace.

What did President Buhari do right with the recognition and renaming of June 12 as Democracy Day? Firstly, he took everyone by surprise and halted the mistake of the past 18 years of leaders wanting Nigerians to move on without doing justice on the June 12 argument. 

The injustice committed by leaders intentionally ignoring is akin to hoping Nigerians would forget about a painful wound without treatment. The annulment of June 12 created a chasm that needed closing, Buhari the surgeon, has closed this painful wound.

Whoever chose to address the June 12 mandate risk offending a lot of egos and disrupting the status quo, it takes a lot of courage to approach and seek closure on such combustible material. Secondly, President Buhari demonstrated rare courage by honouring late Chief MKO Abiola, his erstwhile running mate, Ambassador Kingibe, and the "Senior Advocate of the Masses, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. President Buhari damned all consequences and made the Abiola family (and millions of Nigerians) happy by crowning Nigeria's real hero of democracy with the nation's highest award. Justice is served at last.

Thirdly, President Buhari has restored the audacity of hope in Nigerian democracy. President Buhari signed the Not-Too-Young-To-Run bill into law, opening the political arena to even younger Nigerians. In the eyes of the youth, Nigerian politics was polluted with the annulment of June 12, they were relegated to the background to become henchmen and thugs. 

President Buhari recognized June 12 represented a chance to get things right anew. And it's a great feeling President Buhari didn't let the train pass him by.

Nigeria's political terrain will never be the same again after the June 12 Democracy Day declaration. Hope and faith in Nigerian democracy have been returned, where Nigeria goes next will be determined by the 2019 elections but one thing is sure; President Buhari has steered the nation out of darkness. 

Nigeria is on the march again and the rebirth may be at hand, Buhari has started the much-desired healing and turn-around. History will never forget his place for this rare demonstration of courage and justice.  

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Rift Between Rochas Okorocha and His Deputy Deepens

rochas and madumere

Rochas Okorocha and Prince Eze Madumere

The rift between Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha and his deputy, Prince Eze Madumere has grown following an allegation making the rounds within the state that Madumere has abandoned his office for 90 days.

In reaction to the rumor, the Special Assistant to the deputy Governor, Uche Onwuchekwa stated that the allegation emanated from mischievous elements.

According to some members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Allied Forces, the truth will always triumph over falsehood especially now that we are collectively fighting against tyranny, injustice, and fraud.

Onwuchekwa emphasized on how responsible his boss is and that the insinuation that the Deputy Governor abandoned his office is untrue.

He said that his principal has proved beyond doubt that he is a result-oriented public officer who has never abdicated his official responsibilities.

One of the Civil servants in the Deputy Governor’s office who spoke on the conditions of anonymity also denied that Uche Madumere has been staying away from the office for a long time.

“It is not true that Madumere has been away from his office. Are you sure this is not a plot to pin something on him so as to make his impeachment easy? The Deputy Governor stays away only when he is out of the state or on field work.”

According to the civil servant, despite the fact that the office leaks each time it rains, the Deputy Governor has been putting up with this ugly situation patiently.

“I wonder where the story is coming from because I see the entire allegation as mischief.”

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The African Woman's Travails

One of the socio-cultural problems that we have in the world is the male-controlled structure and the impression that it is right. 

As with life, everything can be learned or unlearned. Men can be thought the boundaries, women can be thought the same. I have often confirmed that the humans have animalistic instincts and need to be controlled by rules.

The world has made some mundane laws look so pleasing and easily believable, but this call is to awaken the consciousness to question norms.  

For millennials, there is no better time to appreciate disruptive thinking than now. Generation X has admitted to its shortcoming, it is only wise not to join that bandwagon.

It is biologically proven that women are weaker and that has allowed for several misinterpretations. This does not mean women were molded with lesser quality materials, it means that we appreciate peculiarity and uniqueness. 

The oppression of women is foundational and has been aided by the media, the typical representation of an African woman does not depict strength. This is where the concept of feminism was birthed, it is on this note that the 21st-century woman who has made a phenomenal impact is less respected solely because of something she has no control over.

There would be men who would be incomparable, there would be those who are empty and would consistently look at women as sexual objects meant for their satisfaction. 

The idea is to change the narrative using the power of storytelling for posterity’s sake, the battle is a tough one. It is even tougher to see that women suffer mentally from the sin that they had no choice over, the mere fact they were born female.

If subjugation of any sort is averted, the reward is not appreciated because it is what is expected. How did we get to a point, when the home front should be manned by the woman who also contributes to the financial well-being of the home? 

The point where tradition instills several barbaric sentiments in our minds, down to the differentiation of house chores and lifestyles approved for little boys and girls.

There is a thin line between gender-specific roles and oppression of one gender over the other. 

This is the most relatable side of injustice against women, particularly married women who are made to believe that the success of the marital vows is her duty. 

Too many abused women and no laws forbidding it because the lawmakers are men. Women should fly just as high as men if not higher, women should be allowed to express themselves without deliberate demeaning.

Another reasoning for the relegation of women is Christianity. It is based on the biblical law of a woman’s submission. This source is selective and does not cover the truth of what the good book says. 

Submission is beauty and not idiocy replicated. Submission is strength and not blind followership particularly with a man who sees the world in good light. It is an anomaly to believe that submission is slavery.

Laws that favor the woman and things that bring out her inner shine should be supported. 
Ever heard that a woman who is free is 10 times the woman she is meant to be? 

All of these antipathies on the value of a woman is blamed on culture. Culture is however not static, culture can be changed over time.

Culture should never be the excuse for absurdity, culture is merely to know how we are and how we became. How so do we not copy everything from our early culture, it is safe to say that we do not live in that era and select the part of a culture we repeat.

In spite of all these, the onus of repairing the status quo rest on women more than men. 

The information should be disseminated and much more through self-awareness. 

Gender rigid roles are limiting and should be redefined. 

Culture should be a blessing and not a curse, and as such should not be confused. 

Embrace identity and if by any chance culture has no benefit then it should be sieved. If not, do we then embrace the killing of twins, marrying several wives, and other terrible happenings?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 12 Democracy Day: What Do You Think of Buhari’s Popularity Rating At The Moment?

Moshood Abiola

Political observers, foes, and supporters thinking President Muhammadu Buhari is only marking days towards the expiration of his stay at the Aso Rock Villa will be having a big rethink right now. 

The wily politician in Buhari has shown that he has aces up his sleeves with the uncanny masterstroke he pulled last night with the announcement of the official recognition of June 12 as Nigeria's new official Democracy Day. This came barely 24 hours after the National Assembly dropped the gauntlet to the president in its resolution cum ultimatum over the embattled Inspector General of Police's dilemma on June 5th.

The President replied emphatically with his own gambit, the official conferment of Nigeria’s highest honor, GCFR, on the purported winner of the June 12 elections, late Chief MKO Abiola. And the conferment of Nigeria’s second-highest honor, GCON, on Abiola’s running mate, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe and the late “Senior Advocate of the Masses”, Chief Gani Fawehinmi. 

This long overdue official recognition of June 12 (still appraised as the freest and fairest general election in Nigeria’s chequered political history) came out of the blues, no one saw it coming. The dust expectedly raised is yet to settle across the length and breadth of Nigeria nearly 24 hours after.

The timing and motive of President Buhari's announcement apart, the move was seen as a deft one capable of shoring up the president’s hopes. 

He had addressed a wrong which Nigeria's past leaders avoided like a plague at every turn and has through his boldness shown he is a courageous leader, reformer, and man of the people. 

It took 25 years, a quarter of a century, to put June 12 in its proper place in history, that’s why Nigerians, rich and poor, educated and illiterate are talking about the initiation of a healing process to the agitation that rent Nigeria’s fabric apart. 

President Buhari may have to earn his indelible spot in Nigeria's political history, no one can diminish this lofty legacy.

If a popularity poll is conducted right now, what chances do you think President Buhari has a chance of winning after this June 12 recognition declaration? Do you think he has done right? Share what you think with us.  

Buhari Declares June 12 Democracy Day in Honour of Abiola

President Muhammadu Buhari

On Wednesday the 6th of June President Muhammadu Buhari has instructed that from 2019 Nigeria’s Democracy Day which has always been celebrated every May 29 for the past 18 years be moved to June 12 to honor Moshood Abiola, the winner of the 1993 presidential election.

After the elections in 1993, the data showed that Mr. Abiola won the pools but he was never formally declared the winner and was not sworn into office by the military government of Ibrahim Babangida.

He was later imprisoned by Sani Abacha’s military regime as he struggled to actualize his mandate. He died in prison in 1998.
Previous governments have brushed aside calls for Mr. Moshood Abiola to be honored and for June 12 to be recognized ad democracy day by the Federal Government.

The Buhari government said Mr. Abiola will now be conferred with nation’s highest honor, the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR; an honor which is exclusively conferred only on presidents and former presidents.

Also, the Federal Government said that Mr. Abiola’s running mate, Babagana Kingibe, is to be conferred with the second highest honor - the Grand Commander of the Niger, GCON.

The late Nigerian foremost pro-democracy activist, Gani Fawehmi also received a GCON.

Moshood Abiola

“In the last 18 years, we have been celebrating May 29th, as Democracy Day. This was the date when an elected civilian administration took over from a military government for the second time in our history. The first time this happened was on October 21st, 1979. 

However, in the view of Nigerians, as shared by this Administration, June 12th, 1993, was far more symbolic of Democracy in the Nigerian context than May 29th or even the October 1st,” a statement by the presidency said Wednesday.

“June 12th, 1993 was the day that Nigerians in millions came out in mass to express their democratic will in what was undisputedly the freest, fairest and most peaceful elections since our Independence.

Despite the fact that the outcome of the election was not upheld by the military government then, this does not distract from the democratic credentials of that process.

“After due consultations, the Federal government has decided that from now on, June 12th will be celebrated as Democracy Day. Therefore, Government has decided to award posthumously the highest honor of the land, GCFR, to late Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the June 12th, 1993 canceled elections. His running mate as Vice President, Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe, is also to be invested with a GCON. Furthermore, the tireless fighter for human rights and the actualization of the June 12th elections and indeed for Democracy in general, the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi SAN is to be awarded the GCON”.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Road To General Elections 2019: Who Is Afraid Of The Inspector General Of The Police...And Why?

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris

Are you an active observer of happenings in the Nigerian political scene? 

The next coming weeks should be particularly thrilling because a storm is brewing and this one would be political drama for the ages. 

What do you make of the 11-point joint session resolutions issued by the National Assembly to President Muhammadu Buhari on yesterday, June 5th, 2018?

In their characteristic manner, Nigeria's apex lawmakers had an emergency tete-a-tete amongst themselves and the outcome? 

An eleven-point ultimatum was handed to President Buhari to summarily dismiss the Inspector General of Police or face the full wrath of their constitutional powers aka impeachment.

No political observer saw this one coming, everyone had been blindsided by the presidential assent of the 2018 budget (a story for another day) comical.

Many questions are running wild in the minds of political observers but the main one is, why did the National Assembly single out the Inspector General of the Police for the sack if all of the security agency heads must be fired for stemming the spate of killings across the nation?

Why the sudden intensity for the call for IG Ibrahim Idris' sack when the Police are investigating various lawmakers for different allegations across the nation? 

Who is afraid of the Inspector General of Police less than a year to the 2019 general elections? 

If truly the lawmakers know the IG of Police is doing nothing other than presiding over the killing of innocent Nigerian and consistent framing up of perceived political opponents of the President, why wait 3 years before they do their job? 

Is it because the Senate President himself fears the possible indictment from the outcome of the conclusion of investigations of the Offa robbery suspects confession statements? 

If truly there is systemic harassment and humiliation by the executive of perceived political opponents, people with contrary opinions including Legislators and Judiciary by the police and other security agencies, why not speak up earlier? 

It is apparent they are two sets of laws in Nigeria; one for the rich and another for the masses and downtrodden. For weeks Nigerians carried out and sustained the #EndSARS campaign about police brutality and extortion without a word from the National Assembly, the moment one of their own got arrested the lawmakers are threatening President Buhari with impeachment. 

Are the lawmakers trying to make President Buhari bend the rules to favor them on the road to 2019?

Is the National Assembly’s call for the IG of Police’s sack altruistic or another exercise at covering their exposed flanks? What do you make of this latest development?