Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Marriage Secrets You Should Never Share With Friends

We know that you love to talk to your friends about your marriage. It is interesting and helpful too. But, don’t make a habit out of it. There are certain details of your marriage that should remain a secret between you and your spouse. So, here are some marriage secrets on which you must zip your lips, at least partly.

1. Finances and spending
Conversation about your budget and finances will do no good to anyone else’s ears. You are just exposing a confidential part of your household to your pals. Remember, sorting and discussing your expenses and money matters is none of their business. So, better keep these accounts enveloped.
2. Who pays the bill?
Your buddies might be very close to you, but ‘who pays for what’ is something they should not be involved in. Whether you split your bills or not, do not unveil it in front of your friends. Money matters should stay between couples; it is not something you should discuss with your friends.
3. Chemistry with inlaws
You may think it is ok to lash out about how you deal with your in-laws. But, your equation with your in-laws is not a piece of gossip. Be it a positive or a negative experience; kindly bury it deep in your heart. Your in-laws are not your kitty party topic, so allow this discussion to stay between your family walls only.
4. Your spouse’s character traits
It is not worth divulging the personal traits of your spouse to your comrades. Whether your spouse love to dig their nose or snores in the night or eats Chinese food with hands, doesn’t mean you will lay bare those details for all. You should not be so casual while talking about your significant other.
5. Baby making
Bringing a baby into the world is a life-changing decision and there is no need for you to let any third person know about the idea. Consider it your personal matter and hide it from your pals. A friend’s advice is not required over here.
6. Lock up your bedroom secrets
It might appear romantic, but it is not usual if he is always on a self-sacrificing spree. The statement may seem unfair, but there is no harm in being cautious. Real love is open, candid and from the heart. So in a healthy relationship, it is unreal to compromise all the time.
You are courting danger if he is always foregoing and forgiving. All he might want to do is gain an upper hand. If it is true love, you should know for what reasons he is being cooperative all the time.
So ladies, keep your mind open even when you feel your heart taking over your senses. Just watch out for these signs to find your true prince charming and get rid of the fake on
7.Never reveal the dynamics of your relationship to your friends. Every family has a crowned head, be it husband or wife. But, this doesn’t mean that either of you is submissive. So don’t let your friends know who ‘wears the pants’ in your house.
No matter how close you are to your pals, your marriage and its details should stay only between you and your spouse. There are certain marriage secrets that you should never trade

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