Thursday, March 13, 2014

I’m Not Bothered By My Crashed Marriage, Mbong Amata

It seems like Mbong Amata, one time wife of Nollywood director, Jeta Amata, is moving on greatly without Jeta after their marriage hit the rock some time ago. She doesn’t care and not bothered about what goes on next, she said she is not bothered with her crashed marriage to the renowned film mogul.

Mbong said this during an interview with newsmen while she was in the country recently for the shoot cum premiere of Emem Isong’s latest movie, Apaye: A Mother’s Love.

When asked if she was ever worried by negative stories that trailed her marraige crash, she said:

“Never. I tried my best. I might not look strong but I’m very, very strong. If you are in show business or any business that put you out there, you have to build a solid, great wall of China around you. My wall is very tall. I only hear about it, but I’m not moved one bit. So, I have a huge wall around my person.”

On why she is still bearing Amata as her last name despite her separation from Jeta, Mbong says: “Yes, does it change anything? It doesn’t.”

“Jeta is a great man, fantastic dad but life has to move on,” she added.

Commenting on whether she would still like to star in her ex-husband’s film, She answered: “Why not? He was my friend before he became my husband. We had a great relationship. We are connected for life. We have a child together. If I see him, as often as I could, it doesn’t change anything.”

On whether she is ready to give marriage another chance, this is what Mbong, who says she is not in any serious relationship right now, has to say:

“I don’t really know, but I don’t want to say never. It is the future, I prefer to live in the now and see how that goes. But for now, it is about me doing more films, charity and raising my child. So, that is my priority.”

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