Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nigerian Girl Goes unclad At Her Traditional Marriage

Culture is everything. This lady stunned many of those who attended her traditional marriage ceremony recently when she opted to appear unclad to the amazement of guests during the occasion.

The bride, the daughter of a local chief in the town, bare her oranges at her traditional marriage, an act that is said to be in consonance with an age-long culture of her people.

The event took place somewhere in the Southern part of Nigeria and the girl insisted it’s her culture.

Do you think it is right?


  1. If the man purchasing the oranges agrees for his wares to be hawked publicly, it is okay. I wonder were such tradition exists that a woman who should live move privately at marriage should go naked

    1. Make she come where my guys dey, na eyes only them go use suck am till Olympus falls....

  2. This is archaic and a taboo to woman's ethics, it should be scrapped