Wednesday, May 25, 2016

13 Signs You Have The Best Husband Ever

Husbands are pretty great people; but the best ones don’t grow on trees. If your husband does these 13 things, you should consider yourself pretty lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life.
1. He keeps working to win your heart
He doesn’t assume he’s “got the girl” just because you’re married. He keeps taking you out on dates, complimenting you, and doing things that make you go weak in the knees. The very best husbands know that they have to keep romancing their lady day after day.
2. He asks for your advice
Your husband trusts you and recognizes you’re his best resource in resolving issues. As he makes decisions, he seeks your counsel. Not only does he listen to your advice, but he usually uses it because he values your input.
3. He brags about you to his friends
As you leave the room, you hear him say he’s lucky you’re his wife. The best husband expresses his gratitude for you even when you can’t hear him (or he thinks you can’t hear him).
4. He puts down on the toilet seat
There’s nothing worse than half-consciously wandering to the bathroom in the middle of the night and falling right in there. A husband who does the small action of setting the seat down is a considerate guy.
5. He holds your hand
Whether you’re walking to a restaurant, chilling at your parents’ house, or driving in the car, having your hand in his makes him happy. It’s a way a great husband says “I care about you” without a word.
6. He avoids p****graphy
Your husband is the best if he has eyes only for you. By choosing not to fill his mind with exaggerated fantasies of “intimacy,” your husband shows he respects you.
7. He doesn’t mention “that time of the month”
OK, Mother Nature’s little gift doesn’t do wonders for the hormones, but that doesn’t mean it’s the root of all your emotions. Your husband recognizes this and seeks to understand your feelings by listening to you. He does his best to make you feel better because it makes him sad to see you sad.
8. He cleans the toilet
He doesn’t assume that his job is only at the office and yours is only in the home. He realizes that your house is shared territory and he volunteers to do dirty jobs like change diapers and take out the garbage because he wants to share the burden.
9. He thinks the same things are funny
Do you laugh like crazy whenever you see furless cats? You might be the only one. Except your husband. If the two of you are cracking up while your friends vaguely smile, that’s a pretty good indicator he’s the best husband ever for you.
10. He gets his hands dirty
Your guy should probably be dubbed some sort of superhero for how much effort he puts into everything he does. He puts 100 percent in at work and 100 percent in at home. He knows that everything he does is to support his family.
11. He eats your cooking (even if it’s awful)
Even if he’s a steak and mashed potatoes kind of guy, he’ll eat your quinoa casserole with a smile because he appreciates the service that you do for your family.
12. He develops a relationship with God
Your husband recognizes his responsibility as a spiritual leader in your home. He cultivates a relationship with God through prayer and scripture study.
13. He makes you want to be a better person
It’s not that he’s perfect, but his efforts to be a better person inspire you. Simply seeing how great he is makes you want to be the best version of yourself.

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