Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Nollywood stars who left the limelight for a private life

Sometimes, celebrities leave the spotlight to chase something else. Some make the transition for personal reasons, while others just aren't interested in fame and fortune.

We might not always know why they shunned fame, but one thing is for sure, they were willing to leave it all behind.

Here are five Nigerian celebrities who decided to trade in the glitz and glamor for a normal life:

1. Rita Nzelu
Known as one of the pioneer actress in Nollywood, Rita Nzelu starred in "Living in Bondage" where she played the role of Tina, a call girl.
Nzelu however quit acting and relocated to London.
Happily married with kids, she still remains something to talk about.

2. Sandra Achums
Sandra Achums was a very popular actress back then but unfortunately she dumped fame for marriage!
She relocated to Germany in 2011 where she secretly married a German based Nigerian businessman.

3. Victoria Inyama
One of the most promising starlets of her time, Victoria Inyama decided to give it all away for a married life, far off in the United states of America.

4. Charles Okafor
He made a name in Nollywood with movies like “Ritual”, “Never Die for Love”, “Lost Kingdom”, “Conspiracy” and others. But suddenly, the Anambra State born actor disappeared from our TV screens and we've missed seeing him since then.
Charles’ disappearance was however blamed on the producers who refused to give him roles.

5. Susan Patrick
Susan Patrick warmed her way into our hearts when she played Sakobi the "Snake Girl".
The gap toothed beauty has since been missing on our screens. We also heard she's married to a Police office

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