Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Selfies every Nigerian has taken

Nigerians love taking selfies. While some use selfies to share  personal feats, fond memories, where they are vacationing or even what they had for lunch; some others employ selfies as a tool to send important messages.

We have drafted a list of 5 Selfies every Nigerian has taken at some point in time.

The Shoprite Selfie
For some reason, Nigerians cannot resist taking pictures at malls around the country, and most of the Selfies do not show them buying groceries at all. They just take a pose while leaning on one of the shelves, hold up one of the items on display and make a duck face or they just take group Selfies with friends. The girls most times make their way to the toilets in the malls and take pictures there, as apparently, there is no better backdrop than the place you do your business.

The “omo baba l’owo” selfie a.k.a #Wealthie
8 out of 10 times you see a Selfie of someone posing with a large sum of money on the internet – either lying on a bed of cash, eating a plate of cash bundles or just lying next to a pile of money; they are Nigerian. The money does not have to be Naira to affirm their place of origin. Nigerians like to show off their possession even while they know it could put them as it most likely sets them out as targets for marauders!  From Celebrities to dignitaries, young adults, and regular people, this kind of selfish is a regular on the social media.

The “I-made-this-meal” selfie
Now this selfies sometimes, do not include the person’s entire face, just the person’s hand or finger holding up the plate of food, or sometimes, it is just the meal. Nigerians love food and they love people to think that they make exotic dishes, even if they actually look regular or just gross. Other times, they take selfies of themselves eating fancy food in fancy restaurants, just to show that they too, indulge in fine dining.

The collage selfie
One selfie at a time is not enough for the typical Nigerian, and so, to ensure that you do no get tried of scrolling through different shots of the same look, they now just  merge three pictures in a collage to show different angles or highlight certain aspects at once. Thanks to Picmix and other photo editing apps available to Nigerians, the Selfie has transcended from a normal picture to what can be described as a "craft" or a "project".

The car selfie/ #carfies
A majority of Nigerian are now guilty of driving while under the influence of the Selfie! Most people in traffic while away time and even entertain themselves by posing for the camera. Some even take Selfies while in motion and on speed with the air in their weave for effect…and somehow, the light is always perfect and the pictures even better.

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