Thursday, May 26, 2016

8 things people do with their cars other than drive it

Cars are meant for only one thing- driving, but sometimes we forget that. While some people have turned their cars into their second homes there are those who have turned their cars into an amusement park of some sort.

When cars were being manufactured I am pretty much sure the ultimate goal was to create a faster form of transportation for human beings. You know something to move you from one point to another.

I doubt if Peugeot or Benz had another reason why cars should be manufactured.

Some people have however decided to give cars a new purpose depending on whatever situation the car finds itself with them.

And so today we present to you 10 silly thing people do with cars other than drive them 

1. Sing
We are not talking about the lip syncing kind of singing or the humming one. We are talking about the kind where the driver turns the car into an American Idols stage. My dear its a car not an audition spot.

2. Dance
Yes we all love the dab song and we sometimes like to dab but definetly not in a car I can assure you. Who does that?

3. Apply makeup
Ever seen a lady try to switch from natural to Kim Kardashian in a car , that takes alot of work and concentration. The way we see it the only thing that needs concentrating on is the road and not your eyebrow

4. Eat
So you are hungry eat else way outside your car please. Stop eating while driving

5. Sleep
We would for this sake of this article assume you are homeless hence the reason why your car is your bedroom.

6. Have sex
Don't even get me started on this one...seriously

7. Change clothes
WOW!!! It is a car not a changing room. Ever seen someone try to change from a work cloth to a party cloth while driving. Even Superman knows better than to change in a car, atleats he uses a phone booth. How about you take cue from Superman

8. Take selfies
Yes we are all guilty of these one. We have somehow turned our cars into the perfect selfie spot. Well how about we drive and take the pictures alive when we get home or to our destination

We know its your car and you paid for it so we can't tell you what to with it or in it, how about we advise you to atleast use the car for what you paid for, you know to transport yourself in one piece

(Source : Fleau)

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