Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dear Women: 5 characteristics of a man that would only give you hypertension

Are you still wondering why some men of today behave the way they behave to women? Well, here are 5 traits ladies need to know about the modern-day men, traits that can give you high blood pressure if care is not taken.

1.) They always want to eat their cake and have it
Generally, a today's man wants everything without losing a thing. He wants it all. He wants to sleep with five girls without them knowing and even if they find out, they should be ok with it. He want's you to treat him with love and respect at all times even when he doesn't do same for you. He wants to you to feel priviledged dating him.

2.) They are broke
Besides being lazy, today's man is in always debt. He loves to borrow from friends and family and sometimes finds it difficult to pay back. He also doesn't care what he spends his money on so long as he assumes he'll get some cash tomorrow. He also spends on useless things and loves to brag about his parents' riches

3.) They are heart breakers
Today's man will date you for more than two years then dump you and marry some other person almost immediately. He hardly feels rumors for his wrongs and doesn't want you to get angry/upset for his mistakes.

4.) They are lazy
Today's man wants to live large but don't want to work. He wants to have everything given to him on a platter of gold without losing anything in return. He doesn't mind being financially dependent on the women he dates or sleeps with. He also plays the role of a gigolo perfectly.

5.) They lack gentlemanly behaviour
Gone are those days of our fathers and grandfathers. Today's man will not think of opening the door for a lady or pull her chair at the dinner table. They'll prefer to have you come to their house on the first date instead of an outdoor location. They don't even call to find out if you got home safely after visiting and are quick to tell you "I'm not a phone person..

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