Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to become a real man

Things are quite different with the youth of today. It seems very rampant to find immature adult men. For the men who want to abandon that unsexy lifestyle, here are six habits to abandon to attain true manhood.

It’s quite easy to find a middle-aged man who still smokes weed, dresses in sweat pants and spends all his spare time playing video games. Although things like commitment and responsibility might be quite boring but it’s also the little things that make you a man.

Thus, here are six behaviors you need to lose if you want to be a man.

1. Insecurity and competitiveness:
It’s no fun having to deal with a boy with a fragile ego who needs constant reassurance. Get over your insecurity and stop constantly trying to outdo your friends and putting them down to make yourself feel better. A man should be supportive and generous, and confident in his own abilities. He can take criticism and provide support for those around him when they need it.

2. Not being able to Communicate:
The foundation of any serious relationship is communication. Be firm but respectful in your opinions. Don’t say yes when you mean no. Think about what you want and say it. Listen to what others want. Be honest and open and don’t hide your own emotions or be afraid of confrontation or uncomfortable conversations. It’s all part of being mature.

3.  Being A Know-It-All:
You may be smart and knowledgeable. It’s irritating to be constantly corrected or have things explained to me. What’s wrong with talking like equals? A man loves to be challenged, he loves a discussion or a political argument. And he can admit that he doesn’t know much about the topic.

4. Being a mirror hugger:
When you’re a boy, you drool over the models in the lingerie catalog. When you approach your 20s, you may still have this myopic idea of female beauty in your head. However, real men understand there are a lot of things that make a girl beautiful, aside from their bra size. Real men know that flaws are sexy because they belong to real women, and a real woman is sexier than a one dimensional fantasy.

5. Indecisiveness:
Boys can’t make up their mind. They don’t have careers or goals or serious relationships, because they can’t judge what’s important. Mature men know what they want in life. They recognize when they find a good woman, things or idea and they treat them with respect.

6. Being dismissive about the future:
A man has a clear plan and vision for the future. He has goals, and he puts in work to achieve them, be it financial goals, career goals, or relationship goals. He works to build a solid foundation for the future, whether that’s starting a family, a business or simply a long term relationship. Boys run away from commitment and think only of themselves. They live for the moment, with only a vague thought for the future.

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