Friday, June 10, 2016

10 Things You Should Learn to Whisper Into Your Partner's Ears

Women are sensual beings so it's only fair to flex your feminine energy by technically using words to enchant and delight your partner during sex.

Some, if not most Nigerian women have big problems talking dirty in the bedroom and they fail to understand or realize that it's a vital instrument in your love arsenal.

So now, here are 10 little but sweet phrases to whisper into his ears -- at that right time

1. "I'm not wearing any undies":  
This is a major turn-on for men. According to Abiola Abrams, author of "Scared Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love," expectation and mystery are two of the sexiest factors when it comes to libido.  Whispering that you are not wearing any underwear while in a crowded room will make for very interesting times ahead. Another option is whispering, “Guest what color my undies are.” You can be very descriptive and/or turn it into a game.

2. "I need to feel you right now":  
Are you in a distant relationship or went away from your partner for a few days or hours? This is the sweetest nothing to make him wish he was beside you or even come running to you. You can tell him this via Skype or Facetime or a phone

3. "Please do that again":  
Oh boy! This is a good one! Men respond to positive affirmation that what we are doing works, if you get my drift. When he's doing a 'great job', please feel free to tell him to "do it again". Another option is to say, "yea, I like that, keep going like that."

4. "I want you to kiss me right here": 
Every women adores when kissed like a beautiful goddess. So you can pick the place on your bombshell body and point it out to you boo. It could be your neck, lips, forehead, belly or toes etc but be rest assured you could be French-kissed everywhere too!

5. "You taste amazing": 
Oh yes! Make him feel good about and comfortable with himself. Being in that mood means all your senses are involved… sound, sight, touch, smell and taste…

6. "It's all yours":
This is familiar but useful. As human beings, we are territorial and to make him feel in charge is like you surrendering yourself to him at that time. Which man doesn't want to feel like a lord? I mean, ask Christian Grey!

7. "Harder":
Oh Lord! This is insane! It's telling him, he's doing everything right and on time! But please make sure your room is sound proof because this is the point of complete madness in bed!

8. "I can't get enough of you, I'm addicted": 
Who wouldn’t want to be someone’s addiction? This simply means he is irresistible and that you can’t get enough. Let him know how turned on you are. This will turn up the heat whether you have been together for 10 months or 10 years. Trust me.

9. "Make me do it babe": 
Want to experiment with a little fun, sexy, and healthy power exchange?  Then put him in charge here. If you have a “50 Shades” fantasy, you don’t need any tools or toys to get started. Just tell him to make you do it. Whatever it is he wants… Whatever you decide…

10. "Thank You":
You can’t assume that your partner knows how you feel - in or out of the bedroom. Let him know how turned on you are by his presence and watch the sparks fly. A simple thank you can be incredibly sexy when said at the 

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