Friday, June 3, 2016

5 Nigerian artistes whose label have slammed a lawsuit on them

It is now a trend for record labels to fall out with their music stars without reaching an amicable solution.

Lately Nigerian labels who unlike before have decided to depend on the Nigerian judiciary system to resolve their issues with their artistes as opposed to the normal routine were parties involved get violent.

It's funny how most artistes are the ones on the losing end, makes one wonder if they were under an influence while signing the said record label contracts. This trend of artistes signing away their destiny without seeking a second opinion from a legal practitioner just goes to show how truly naive some of our artistes are when money is involved.

Today we would be talking about 5 artistes who have or are currently having legal issues with their label

Rapper Vector spent nights in police cell after his former label YSG reported his atrocities. The label even obtained a federal injunction against the rapper.

Vector was refrained from recording, releasing, distributing any composition, song, musical works or carrying out any activity as a recording or performing artist. Vector has to appeal with YSG later on to end the case

Chocolate City Music dragged Brymo to court after the singer walked out of the record deal he signed with the label.
Brymo’s case with Chocolate City went on for a year before a resolution was reached. The case was eventually dropped by the court

According to him,  ‘Even though it happened a long time ago and I am constantly trying to forget it. I feel like somebody needs to resurrect the case in court’ he said in an interview on Beat FM .

He continued, ‘we had the opportunity to iron it out in court but they fried it up. I don’t know what they did but they definitely spoke to the judge and spoke to the lawyers and scrapped the case, they are lawyers; they can do it’.

Singer Zeez formerly known as DJ Zeez was too lazy for his record label so it requested for refund on his head.

His label HF Music says it has spent the sum of N22.3million [N22,378,605.70 (Twenty-Two Million, Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Five Naira and Seventy Kobo] on Zeez, as such a federal high court asked Zeez to refund the money he owes.

Baseline Entertainment Limited made sure Skales was arrested by police. The label accused the singer of absconding with monies belonging to them. Skales is yet to deny the story.

Baseline claim Skales stole over N14m from them. The termination clause on Skales head is £10m

As of today Runtown cannot perform at a show or record any music legally at that because of his case with Eric Manny Entertainment.

Runtown claims the label owner, billionaire Dilly pulled a gun on him and hasn’t fulfilled its promises.

Eric Manny on the other hand claims Runtown has been performing at shows and events behind its back.

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