Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6 Childhood Songs People Who Grew Up Ajebutter Will Never Get

Growing up in Nigeria in the 70s to early 90s was real fun especially for the middle class or pako kids who unlike the rich or ajebutter kids had to create their own form of fun.

If you were not born as an ajebutter you would be able to understand the below pictures

1. Singing the last line as “sandalili sandalili”

2. Your face, when you learnt “Jangilova epo motor” was actually “Jingle over like a motor”.

3. Just learning as you read this that “Osingo singo praise The Lord” is actually “Oh sing my soul and praise The Lord”.

4. You, singing it as Arise O COMPASSION for the better part of your childhood.

5. Ajebutter kids looking at you whenever you sang “Leke Leke give me white finger”:

6. Putting paper on someone’s head and singing:
(Source : Zikoko)

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