Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6 types of boyfriends you would find only in Nigeria

In Nigeria we have all sought of men and it takes special grace and patient to date a Nigerian born and bred man.

There are however different types of boyfriends in Nigeria. We are pretty sure when you see the features of your own boyfriend you would know where you fall.

Below are the different types of boyfriends

1. The Joker Boyfriend

  • Never takes you or anything serious
  • Is always joking
  • Asks you “where did you put it?” when you say “I didn’t see my period”.

2. The Rich Boyfriend

  • He always brags about how much money he has to everybody.
  • Will take you shopping in Dubai.
  • Will give you monthly allowance if you’re his baby mama.

3. The Most Sought After Boyfriend

  • Everybody wants him.
  • His girlfriend is tired of seeing heart emojis on his Instagram page.
  • Too many women make him their MCM.

4. The Happening Boyfriend

  • This guy is everywhere.
  • His girlfriend is always proud of him.
  • Every girl wants to be with him because he is very popular.
  • Only bad part is he likes to be petty on the internet.

5. The Faithful Boyfriend

  • He is attractive, girls throw themselves at him.
  • He is never involved in woman wahala.
  • He adores his baby mama, and flaunts her at intervals.

6. The Lowkey Boyfriend

  • He is an alright guy.
  • Nobody cares about him.
  • His girlfriend is never worried about him cheating because other girls don’t think he is good enough.

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