Sunday, June 12, 2016

8 Adorable Ways You Can Make Your Husband Blush

Tell your man “I love you” in oh so many ways and spark up the flame with these 9 simple gestures that will be sure to make him blush:
1. Whisper sweet-nothings
When you’re in a big crowd, whisper something sweet in his ear. He won’t see it coming, and his cheeks will be sure to turn a shade of pink. Say something genuine- flirty or heartfelt. You could whisper how handsome he’s looking that evening, how you want to sneak off away from the crowd to kiss his face, or how you noticed that kind thing he did when he thought no one was looking. Or, simply say I love you in his ear and squeeze the paunchy part of his bicep. The cheeks will burn (happily) for sure.
2. Post-it with a kiss
Buy a handsome stack of post-it-notes, put on your brightest red lipstick, and you’ll be nearly set. Write a bunch of post-it-sized compliments, encouragements, flirty phrases and heartfelt thank-yous, and then sign your name with a kiss. Stick the notes anywhere and everywhere. Your man will probably blush as he chuckles at the corniness of it all, but he’ll love it. Struggling with what to say? This woman has some great ideas.
3. Buy something pretty to wear to bed that night
Dress down in a new little number, light a candle, turn the lights off and sneak into bed while he’s out. When he comes back in the room to go to sleep … #Blushing. (If that doesn’t make him blush and smile from ear to ear, I don’t know what will.) Of course don’t be tacky or trashy, but have fun and let your hair down just a bit.
4. Send him flirty texts throughout the day
Tell him you’re excited to kiss him, hug him, and squeeze him. Tease him with some funny emojis. Make him laugh with some hilarious pics. Relate some old inside jokes just the two of you have. Then have a few of the messages be serious, and tell him just what he means to you. If you really want to make him blush, tell him something you’ve never told him before- about how he makes your heart skip a beat, or how he lightens your daily load.
5. Give him a shout-out on social media
Take a selfie with him or just snap a cute picture of him when he isn’t looking. Tag him in it on Instagram, Facebook or wherever your favorite social scene is. Write a short but meaningful post about why #thisguy is your partner in crime, biggest fan and lover of your life. Create and add some fun hashtags just meant for you and him. To make him really blush and feel special, mention one or two of the little things he does for you that really make a difference to you. Take some time to give a proper shout-out to your hero and best friend. He’ll appreciate it more than he’ll say.
Even for the guy who curbs the limelight, this small gesture will make him feel valued, albeit a little embarrassed … but, a little healthy embarrassment is good every once in a while, especially for the shy guys.
6. Deliver a present to him while he’s working
Because girls aren’t the only ones who like chocolate and sweet gestures of romance, surprise him with a gift and a letter at work or school. Whether he’ll be in the office, or studying for his classes, find a way to get a little something delivered to him. Pick out his favorite treat and write a handwritten note of appreciation and adoration. He’ll be sure to blush when others around him see the present, but it’ll make him smile. It’s okay—act like you’re in high school for just one day; play up the puppy love.
7. Find or create a menu of aphrodisiac recipes
Either cook up, dine out, or order in a lovers’ meal. Some fun-lovin’ recipes should include anything with almonds, eggs, asparagus, salmon, chili and jalapeƱo peppers, basil, avocado, garlic, lemon, figs, ginger and the list literally goes on. And don’t hesitate letting him in on the meaning of your meal if you want to see some rosy reds and bashful smiles.
8. Call up his parents
When was the last time you called up your in-laws just because? Never? Give your mum-in-law or pop-in-law a ring, and then let them know how grateful you are they raised such an amazing guy, your guy. Brag about him a bit. Tell them about some of his latest accomplishments. Mention how you’re glad to be a part of his—their—family. Strengthen that bond. It will make them happy, him happy and you happy. This will bring gratified blushes and wins all around.

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