Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dear Men: How to keep your genital healthy

A sign of an unclean/unhealthy penis is whitish deposits, which can make the penis look and smell dirty and eventually lead to infections and illnesses. In addition, a clean penis will also help with great sex.

The penis should always be washed, clean and healthy, as it is one of the most precious body parts of a man.

In order to prevent odors, infection and illnesses, here are five ways to obtain a clean and healthy penis.

The right temperature:
You want to use warm water when washing your penis. For uncircumcised penises, pull back the foreskin and wash the area inside. Otherwise, a whitish substance, known as smegma may form in the area underneath the foreskin, which is unhealthy.

Don’t overdo gel and soaps:
Although cleaning the penis frequently with warm water will keep the area clean, you should stay away from cleaning it excessively with soaps or gels or you may leave the area sore. Once or twice a day is just fine for a healthy penis. Also, try unartificial soaps for skin irritation.

Natural habits:
No man wants a smelly penis. However perfumes or deodorants are not the way to go because they can get left under the foreskin. In addition, this can cause skin irritations and other problems. Thus, refrain from using perfumes or deodorants on your penis region.

Focus on the pubic area and testicles:
Aside from the foreskin, it’s vital to focus on testicles and pubic area as well, as sweat can combine with pubic hair to create a horrible odor. Thus, it is crucial to clean these areas with warm water as well, as they remain concealed in inner wear for long hours and so, they tend to store dirt more.

Circumcised Men aren’t left out:
If you are circumcised, don’t think you are exempt from cleaning. Just to be safe, do the same as the uncircumcised fellas. Also, examine your testicles frequently to make sure you have no swellings or lumps there. If you do encounter anything unnatural, visit a doctor all the time.

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