Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EURO 2016: England Fan Banned For 5-Years

An England football fan has been banned from watching football for five years for throwing a chair during Euro 2016 clashes in Marseille.

Daniel Warlow, 24, from Tipton, West Midlands, was on a football hooligan watchlist and was well known to police, although he had no previous convictions.

The Birmingham City supporter had been involved in clashes with fans at league games since 2009, a district judge was told.

On 9 June, Mr Warlow was stopped at Birmingham Airport by a police officer who recognised him.

He told the officer he intended to travel to Marseille to watch England play Russia and that he had a ticket.

Lawyer Shabir Quershi, defending, said Mr Warlow had been caught "bang to rights", but he added his client and other England fans had been provoked by Russia supporters who had been "tooling up with martial arts gloves and batons".

"He is a man of good character. He travelled, was vetted and allowed to go on his way," he added.

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