Thursday, June 16, 2016

Euro 2016: French police vigorously go after England fans shouting 'we hate Russia'

Riot police on Wednesday armed with tear gas and batons charged at English fans who were yelling 'we hate Russia' after it emerged that Russian fans had reportedly vowed to attack their English counterparts.

Police Officers made 36 arrests during violent scenes that unfolded in the hours after Russia were beaten 2-1 by Slovakia at the city's M├ętropole stadium as hundreds of fans surged from a pub where they had been chanting 'we hate Russia' before running through Lille city centre yesterday.

Eyewitnesses say they saw paramedics giving one fan CPR while another fan was reportedly knocked to the ground before his head was stamped as 16 more people were hospitalized.

Riot police started firing tear gas to disperse English supporters, many of them apparently drunk, late into the evening as it emerged a 'really violent' fight between up to 15 England and Wales fans had broken out on a train from Calais to Lille - a day before the teams are due to meet in their second game of Euro 2016.

Image Credit: AP

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