Friday, June 3, 2016

Toke Makinwa Reveals She Still Feels Somewhat Shy Over Alleged Split From Maje Ayida

Popular OAP and Vlogger, Toke Makinwa has since become a single woman since her alleged split from husband, Maje Ayida. Although details about their separation have really been dicey, she contonues to make a strong appearance that shows she’s moved on. In one of her vlog where she dishes out relationship advice to her teeming followers, Toke asked for patience as she ‘still feels somewhat shy over the public split from Maje Ayida.
‘For those who feel I haven’t spoken about my marriage, you know what happened last year. It is with good reason,’ she said on the latest edition of her video blog.
‘I want to talk about it from a rational point and not an emotional stance. Cos it’s tough. If you’ve ever been through a separation, heartbreak or whatever, you know how difficult it is. And this was very public and so I went through a lot of stages and I’m still going through it.’
‘I can’t sit here and tell you I’m completely whole or this doesn’t affect me anymore. I still feel somewhat shy, I’m trying to come out of my shell about it. Cos I mean you share your life with me and I feel it’s a great disservice to not even talk about it,’ she said.
‘So in due time. Just know I’m going through the process & every week I come here I smile, we connect that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own issues. It’s just that I have chosen not to be a victim. I’ve chosen to just rise above it and just keep rising.’

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