Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We kind of fought on our wedding day - Tiwa Savage speaking about Tee Billz

Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage on her VIP feature on E! Entertainment revisits her journey to stardom and meeting former producer turned husband, Tee Billz.

Tiwa, whose marriage with Tee Billz recently fell apart due to irreconcilable differences, reminisced on when she first met Billz whom she says she will always appreciate for his contribution to her career.

"When I first met him, I felt he was very arrogant. He was very tall, dark, handsome and very confident,’ she said, adding, "He oozes that and he always expects that from me as well. So when I first met him, I didn’t fall in love. It wasn’t love at first sight. Although when he first met me, he said to me ‘so it’s either two things; I am either going to manage you or marry you. 

So I was just like ‘What! You are so full of yourself; I would never date you, let alone marry you’. So obviously, we decided he was going to manage me because I turned down the other option."
"I never saw myself getting romantically involved with him; however, on getting to discover another side of him, I fell for him,’ she said.

We worked so closely together and I discovered this soft emotional guy. One who gave up everything for my career. He had a great business in L.A but he moved to Nigeria because he really believed in me more than I believed in myself.

So gradually I just started seeing in him, this person. So it was inevitable. I tried to fight it. It can’t happen and I couldn’t help it."

Tiwa also went on to reveal they quarreled on their wedding day.

According to her, "We kind of fought on our wedding day; we just had this little tiff outside and we are like arguing and everyone is like ‘welcome the beautiful bride and the groom’ and we are dancing in and he’s just like grumbling and it’s on camera.

So everyone watching are like ‘Wait were you guys just arguing,’ so it’s real but there are cute moments and real moments."

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