Saturday, June 18, 2016

Women: How To Use Trash-Talk to Spice Up Your Relationship

  • Ladies, let's be real for a second. Men love it when we challenge their manliness. It gives them a chance to live up to their macho reputation.

But why is it that every time we question their capabilities, they feel like they have to prove to us they can do it better than we ever imagined? Let's blame it on their pride.

Next time you are in a competitive situation and are looking for a sure-fire way to tantalize, seduce and attract your husband, try trash-talking and questioning his competence.

He will love the opportunity to prove his worth to you.

As you trash-talk your spouse, odds are he'll find you extremely attractive in these three ways:

1. Makes you alluring
Men love to be caught off guard. The thrill of the unknown is a complete turn-on.

The next time your family is throwing down on the local basketball court, try sneaking in a snide, "You know you're not going to make that shot, Honey," or, "Good thing I didn't marry you for your basketball skills."

Use these types of comments and see what challenging your man does to his demeanor.

Remember, men are like peacocks. You can tell them they look good as they make that tricky three-pointer, and they'll walk by like nothing happened. But the minute you poke at their inability to perform ... out comes the preening peacocks showing off all of their elaborate feathers.

At this point, he is screaming for your attention and begging for your attraction.

2. Makes you playful
Ever feel like you are slipping into a serious rut? Being serious is good, but being serious all the time is straining on marriages. Your husband does not like to come home to a person who cannot break free and have a little fun once in a while.

To break your serious spell, challenge your husband at the dinner table to a friendly bet. If he is a fan of the NBA, place a bet on who will win the championship. Loser takes winner out for ice cream. If sports are not his thing, question his ability to beat you in a friendly tournament of Mario Kart.

Take the time to challenge your husband in small everyday tasks or games.

Questioning his abilities to make a good judgment on which team will win the championship or questioning his gamer skills will help him see your more playful and energetic side. This will ultimately lead him to ask you to play and interact with him more often.

3. Makes you younger
Trash-talking your husband will not only allow you to feel young again. But it will also have him falling hard for your ability to play with, tease and taunt him, bringing the two of you back to your dating days.

This happy-go-lucky energy will add an extra surge in your relationship. You'll rediscover an energy that had since faded. Your man will remember how you are confident and down for anything.

Ladies, you never know where a little trash talk may lead you with your husband. Try it.

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