Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Types of Uncles/Aunts You Would Find in a Nigerian Home

The African definition of uncle and aunt extends not only to your parents’ siblings but everybody who’s older than you.

However, for the sake of this post, we’re sticking to either sibling of your parents or the close relatives that you know.

Here are the kinds of uncles and aunts we either have or have come across:

1. The Hipsters
The hipster uncles and aunts are those ones who are forever struggling to be cool but deep down, you know they’ve passed that level. But they don’t care, they’re wearing a gold chain with you to the airport and trying to stay updated on almost all social media platforms.

2. The Cool Gang
The cool gang is made of uncles and aunts are the ones we always want to hang out with because they feel us and we feel them. They’re normally just a few years older and understand us better. Unfortunately, they hardly have our time like that so we’re left with the hipsters. Oh and we go clubbing with them too sometimes.

3. The Wahala Crew
The wahala crew has those uncles and aunts who are always getting into trouble one way or the other and they keep calling family meetings on their behalf. Today, they played baba Ijebu (gambling) with the money they wanted to start a business with. Tomorrow they’re in the police station and money for bail has to come out.

4. The Money Gang
Undoubtedly everybody’s favourite uncle or aunt. They’re always never available to visit or even pick calls, but when you see them, it’s raining cash literally. They’re also your first call of action when you need something new

5. The Strict Squad
These ones are the ones we actually do not like because they give us a headache. They’re the types that our parents invite over when they’re going on holiday because they need someone strict to look after us. They don’t call, they don’t send money (lai lai). They’re just there and we see them at family gatherings. They may also be controversial – talking about the length of the skirt you wear or the way you’re looking like an agbero now (even if you’re not).

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