Thursday, August 18, 2016

8 Ways to Know Your Husband/Man Doesn't Care About You

Does your husband care for you? Does he make you feel like the only girl in the world? Yes, no, sometimes?

A marriage thrives when both individuals are committed to placing the needs of their spouse above their own and grows stronger when the two communicate what they like and don't like in their relationship.

When a husband commits one of these eight awful habits, he is proving to his wife his lack of investment into their loving bond. Are you falling victims to any of these habits?

1. He places the blame on you
Beware of a man that singles you out by placing the enormity of your fight's blame on your shoulders. Pointing fingers, name-calling and singling a spouse out to establish dominance is unhealthy in a marital relationship. Instead, fight fair. Fight on a level playing field rid of blame and high expectations.

2. He hides his shopping receipts
If his shopping receipts magically go missing, disappear out of nowhere, or he oddly didn't receive one at the register proceed with caution.

A couple needs to establish a family finance game plan. Together discuss what you will spend your money on, how much you want to save each month and what you eventually want to invest in.

3. He prioritizes your couch over chores
Is your marriage gender-equal? A man that commits himself to his reclining chair or leather sofa during the time his wife sweeps, mops and vacuums their floor is subjecting himself to more stress and fights in their marriage. Your lack of investment and consideration will eventually build a riff of resentment and anger that will be hard to overcome.

4. He shuts down easily
Ever noticed your man shuts down or shuts you out quickly when conversations escalate between the two of you? The immediate unwillingness to communicate is harmful to solving fights respectfully and efficiently.

Love and marriage researcher, John Gottman, established the theory of stonewalling. Stonewalling is best described as one partner completely withdrawing and avoiding any form of communication with the person they love in a conversation. The lack of investment or desire to resolve problems rapidly degrades a couple's relationship.

5. He can't read your love language
His display of love and affection may not meet your expectations and you may perceive his lack of attention to the things that make you happy as a sign he is not invested. Everyone has their own unique love language, so take the time to discuss how your partner gives and receives love to help eliminate confusion and misunderstandings.

6. He has to make his point be heard or seen
A man who knows you do not like it when he eats with his mouth open, and still continues to chew his food in an obnoxious manner is being inconsiderate. Take the time to listen to the needs and concerns of your spouse and work to find a compromise and solution you both can live with.

7. He makes you feel unimportant
If his heart and mind is set on fantasizing about Sunday night football or what he is going to eat next and not on you, there is a problem. Marriage is meant to be a relationship that values the prioritization of spouse over worldly endeavors. Remember the vows and promises you made to your spouse and strive to make them feel important, loved and appreciated.

8. He doesn't tell the whole truth
White lies and half-truths can only last so long in a marriage until they build up into a cloud that is about to burst with storms the two of you may not be able to weather together. Keep yourself dry and safe by committing to fidelity and honesty.

(Credit: Hannah Rose)

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