Monday, August 15, 2016

9 Things Men Would Never Understand About Women

There are certain things men would never understand about women, like how it takes 2 hours to get their makeup done or how they say they are fine, when they are clearly not.

It almost seems like all women attended the same school for being a lady.

See below a list of things men would NEVER understand about women:

1. How women track every detail of their spouse
Women can go from lady to detective within seconds if you give then reasons to doubt you.

2. How they can go shopping for an entire day.
Shopping is always fun when you are a woman. You always need one item or the other wh

3. Why women cry at the end of romantic movies

4. Why they have many shoes.
Shoes for different occasions.

5. Why their hairdo is 10 times more expensive that a men’s haircut.

6. Why ladies handbags is always heavy.

7. Why ladies say “I am fine” when they are not.
When ladies say they are fine, be sure they are. Women prefer to hide their hurt behind the word “I am fine” only to put up series of attitudes.

8. Why women take so long to get ready.

9. Why ladies tell their friends everything.
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