Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ray J Openly Denies Reaching out to 18-year old Malia Obama

A few days ago multiple online reports were shared online about Ray J being investigated by US Secret Service for allegedly trying to reach out to First Daughter Malia Obama via instagram DM, just weeks after she turned 18 years old.

Here is what is being reported online:

President Obama and the CIA’s top Internet Security team found Reality TV star Ray J trying to slide into Malia’s DM. Ray J is most known for being in a Sex Tape with Kim Kardashian and he has a reputation for sleeping with a lot of women.

The report didn't say what Ray J was trying to talk with Malia about...but he's engaged to be married!

The singer who is getting married tomorrow has however come out deny all the allegations laid against him. He shared a video of himself denying the claims

Watch the video below
A video posted by rayj (@rayj) on

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