Friday, September 23, 2016

3 Reasons You Need To Give People A Second Chance

Relationships are built upon trust. All your memories previously made with a person fly out the window as soon as you betray that trust.

Every smile shared, every place visited, every memory hurts to even think about. It does not matter if it was a romantic relationship, a family member or a friend that betrayed your trust; in the end, it feels like what you had can never happen again.

We know that pain. We all have been there before. In fact, every single person in the world confronts the question, "should I give them a second chance?".

While it won't be easy, giving someone a second chance is worth it. These three situations may help you realize why it's so important that you make the right decision:

It's not fair of you not to. Looking back on circumstances may lead you to realize that things ended for the wrong reasons. A miscommunication or misinterpretation led for quick judgement and hurt feelings. After your heart mends a little, review the relationship and see if you are putting too much blame on the other person. It would be fair to give them another chance.

What if
One day you will look back on your life. Will you regret completely ending the relationships you did? Always wondering what could have happened if you did give that person another shot wouldn't happen if you gave second chances. Never knowing if something good could have come from the second chance isn't something you want on your conscience

People make mistakes
We are only human. Every single person on this planet makes mistakes. Sometimes people act without thinking of others and without seeing right and wrong. I'm not trying to defend or make excuses for anyone, but try to put yourself in their shoes before making a conclusion.

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