Saturday, September 24, 2016

4 Ideas To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

The world is already a global village, and beautiful ideas and trends are fast crossing borders.

Who says Nigerian brides can't catch up with worldwide trends and beautify their weddings with them?

Here are four ideas that you should find interesting enough to incorporate into your big day.

Monochromatic themes
Weddings are going monochromatic in 2016! This trend flows in nicely with how bright-coloured bridesmaid dresses are being ditched.

Apparently the days of overly bright colours and resplendence might be behind us already.

A singular colour is all that is needed to create a beautiful wedding these days— just make sure it’s in a variety of shades and you're good to go!

Floral crowns
Well, maybe it’s due to the introduction of Snapchat, we really can’t tell; but it appears that brides are giving up on the traditional veils and are rolling with flower crowns instead.

So, you want to bring that your Snapchat flower crown filter to life? Your wedding day might just be the ideal time to do it!

Metallic wedding dresses
One of the beautiful trends to jump on is that of shimmery, shiny dresses. The addition of a metallic feel is not only limited to dresses though, more brides from several locations of the world are literally adding sparkle to their weddings in several ways [bridesmaids dresses, centre pieces, etc], and the results so far are nothing short of breath-taking.

Bridesmaid dresses in subtle colours
For so long, the norm had been for the bride to wear her white dress, while the bridesmaids add all the colour to the room with their rainbow-like dresses.

This is 2016, however, and things are being turned around. Rather than remaining with that format, more brides are using cream-colored bridesmaid dresses to subtly beautify their wedding parties.

So if you are planning a wedding, or you are about to set the wheels of one in motion, here is something trendy you really want to consider. 

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