Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Crazy Things Nigerian Women Do to Please Men

Battlefield or not, everyone wants to find love. In a country over 150 million, you’d think it would be easy to find love. You’d be dead wrong. Finding love may be hard everywhere else. It is even more difficult in Naija when you throw in religion, tribe, personal preferences and more.

People regularly do crazy things for love. Everyone goes all out when trying to find love, both men and women. In the quest to find “the one”, here are some crazy things Naija women have resulted to:

1.  Wearing fake nyash
We know many Naija men are so obsessed with big Ikebe. Many women have resulted to buying and wearing fake nyash just to increase their butt size. This fake nyash is usually made of pads that are worn on the butt to make it look bigger.

2.  Turning from coke to fanta
When the “laiskin” craze got to Naija, men started toasting more fair women leaving our dark skinned sisters in the cold. The “omo dudu” women struck back by going many shades lighter. Bleaching creams have been making loads of cash in Nigeria since then.

3.  Going from Orobo to Lepa and vice versa
When it comes to partners, everyone has different tastes. Some men love orobo women while others go for the lepa kind. What does an Orobo woman do when her crush/love interest likes women who are lepa? Join fitfam so she can become lepa. And the lepas whose love interests like Orobos? It’s time to turn into glutton so they can add weight.

4.  Making their hips lie
Shakira clearly didn’t know Nigerian women can make “their hips lie” when she released that song. With the invention of the hip pads (kin to the nyash pads), women can get killer hips to attract those Naija brothers who love big hips.

5.  Joining team “I can’t breathe” aka waist trainer gang
The struggle to look like Kim K is real. With the way men ogle Toolz and other celebs with the hour glass figures, many regular Naija women got in on the action with waist trainers. You won’t be able to laugh, breathe well and eat. But it’s a small price to pay to look like Toolz.

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