Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Actress Chika Ike opens up on the challenges of being a Nigerian filmmaker

A filmmaker and an entrepreneur, Chika Ike is popular for her movies and her reality TV series "African Diva."

In an exclusive chat with Pulse Nigeria, the actress spoke on challenges as a filmmaker.

According to the actress, funding is one of the reasons Nollywood can't successfully compete with the international market.

She also shared her inspiration as an actress and producer.

On the term 'new Nollywood,' the "Miss Teacher" actress said, "I don't like to categorize it as 'new Nollywood,' we are all Nollywood."

"It's just the obvious. Funding. We want to compete with the international market, but we lack funding. Because when you make  a movie, your intention is to make profit. It's a business. At the end of the day you want to make profit and sell your films."

On distribution, the actress and producer said "It's nerve-wracking." You put so much love, so much passion and fund into your production, and you put this wonderful thing out there, and you can't make back your money as much as you want to."

"Because the whole idea of going into business is for return on investment. It's really heartbreaking if you can't have that."

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