Monday, September 12, 2016

Actress Daneilla Okeke Threatens to Murder a Fan

Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke has got no chill at all! The actress shared a photo of her sweet lookalike mum with the caption, "AM SO BLESSED TO VE YOU AS MY MUMMY. GOD BLESS YOU MUMMY."

One follower, however, felt the need to advice her on getting her mum a car. "Choima go get her a ride? Stop fooling ur self here biko! I saw her in Warri trekking," he commented.

Daniella clearly having none of it told him off also branding him a fool. "@nekkiz1 u re a fool cos if u know my mum very well u know she has a toyota jeep I bought 4 her.. @hotnikkle see dis big fool o lol," she replied his comment.

Not leaving it there, Daniella further added, "@nekkiz1 cum u can talk abt me and say any shit but if u come 2 my mum I will murder you idiot."

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