Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chris Rock's Girlfriend Not Interested Marriage

Chris Rock's girlfriend actress Megalyn Echikunwoke doesn't seem that interested in marriage.

When People magazine caught up with her on the Emmy red carpet and asked about her rumored engagement to the legendary comedian, she said.

"What can I say? I have a boyfriend. He's a comedian. He's funny. He's really wonderful. He's a very dreamy guy, and I'm a lucky girl. I'm actually not a huge believer in marriage. If he made a really good case for it, I guess. I guess there's this misconception about once you're engaged how could you possibly want anything more than marriage and kids. 

It's kind of like lock down a rich guy. I'm here to say that there's more to life than that, and this common lame notion that that's all a girl could possibly want in life is completely bulls--t. So, I mean, 

I have a boyfriend who I love and that's all I need."

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