Friday, September 30, 2016

Comedian Alibaba opens up on how Shaki, Ofada and Orishirishi won't let him lose weight

Alibaba has given us insight as to why he it is difficult to lose weight. A diet of shaki, ofada rice, frech toast, waffles, ice cream, cake and other orishirishi are to blame

If your weight is not in the 3 figure range, you can not appreciate what losing 7kg means in a very irregular exercise program, punctuated with, ofada, Jollof and coconut rice, waffles, French toast, boli, shakki, BOkoto, and all the orishi that complement your abula.

Afang and edikaikong with Ola Ola are some of the most unforgiving combinations I know... then comes those malt drinks, ice cream, yoghurt, with nuts or cakes or waffles... AND LATE NIGHT MEALS...

the battle is not ours but of the Lords! No wonder Jesus said it's not what goeth into a person's mouth that defileth the person... It's what becomes of that thing that goeth into you! Hmmmm. Still got a long way to go! Aiming for 92kg by December." 

I so totally identify with him. Lol

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