Thursday, September 8, 2016

Denrele Edun shows off his unblemished natural hair that will make ladies jealous


Controversial media personality and red carpet host Denrele Edun is showing ladies what he knows how to do better than them despite living in their world.

Edun known for his eccentric lifestyle and feminine dress sense wants ladies to learn from him about how to maintain their natural hair.

The TV personality informed women to invest in their hair as it is the crown they will never take off. He flaunted his pure natural virgin hair in new photos on Instagram to show how far he has invested on his hair. He captioned it:

#WCW #HairGoals This is ALL MY HAIR; virgin mode (never been relaxed), hot-combed, steamed and bouncy! Such glorious length! Gorgeous Hair is the best revenge! Life isn't perfect, but my HAIR can be! Life is too short to have boring hair! Invest in your HAIR, it's the Crown you never take off! My natural bouncy flippy HAIR!”

denrele edun

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